Finish discussion of Schachner

Read Nolan, chapters 4 & 5 and be prepared to discuss.

If, at any time after about 1820, you were in a class that taught public speaking you might well have encountered:

Lovell, John Epy (1795-1892),  The Young Speaker: An Introduction to the United States Speaker: designed to furnish exercises in both reading and speaking, for pupils between thea ges of six and fourteen; comprising seclections in prose, poetry, and dialogue, and a variety of figures, illustrating the principles of position and gesture. ...(many editions) published in Cincinnati Ohio by Truman and Spofford.  Example no. 60 was William Wirt's eloquent defense of  Harman Blennerhasset and excoriation of Aaron Burr (Wirt,  you will remember was among the prosecuting attorneys in the Burr Treason Trial.

Review sample pages from Knapp's 1835 biography,  published before Burr died.  What do you make of the pages on the CD that are  from a copy I recently acquired?


Next week first paper is due as an attachment via email by 10 a.m.  An overview of what is expected was discussed last week in class.

In brief:

Compare and contrast character and motivation in Burr as portrayed by Vidal and Schachner, supplemented by our discussions and your reading in Nolan.  An essay (with citations for quotes and examples drawn from the reading)  5-10 pages in length, 1500-200 words long,  is expected.