We begin discussion of the Schachner biography tonight.

Please review the materials and outline provided last week and examine the map provided this week (large files, ca. 2 megs each and slow to load):

Map of new territories, 1803-1807, Part I

Map of new territories, 1803-1807, Part II

Please consult the reference materials concerning Aaron Burr for American History as Fact & Fiction which were distributed on CD last week.

These are the personal property of Ed Papenfuse, from his electronic library,  and are lent for personal and educational use only, to be returned on completion of the course.  They are not to be reproduced or distributed in any form.

The text file are uncorrected ocr (optical character recognition) text from the images also on the cd.

CD Contents:

1) Vidal novel:

2) Schachner biography:
3) Wandell bibliography:
4) The American Experience:
The Duel, a pbs program

their web site

Please view the program and explore the web site.  Be prepared to discuss the program and the site at the next class.  The video quality is uneven, but the sound is good.

5) Knapp's 1835 biography, published before Burr died.  What do you make of the pages on the CD that are  from a copy I recently acquired?