The Susanna Kyner Cristofane/Bostwick Collection
of Bladensburg Town Records, Lowndes, Dulaney and Brice Family Papers

Letter from M. Monsey to Daniel Dulany, 1770
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MSA SC 4885

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Welcome to the Archives of Maryland series on CD-ROM. This CD is a static picture, a slice-in-time, of an on-line service of the Maryland State Archives featuring document packets for use in the classroom. The packet contained on this CD is a sample of a larger program for successfully teaching people at all levels of education and interest how to use the technology of the information highway in the study of history. The Documents for the Classroom series contain original documents and educational materials available from the Maryland State Archives and other repositories which help teachers explore themes in American history by studying local events. The subject matter of the packets encourages interdisciplinary and multicultural approaches to understanding history.

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