MSA SC 4885-1-27, M. Monsey to Daniel Dulany, Jany 2-April 1, 1770, f. 3
you probably have a stone which I hope you will get rid of very 
easily & soon "D--mn you you lie" (This is rather a little indelicate
but we had us'd ourselves to these familiarities) I have no stone" 
so much the better for you --Then his wise wife calls out, "Lord how" 
"can you frighten the poor creature so by telling him this"?  Why 
because He ask'd me & I my self am the last person that will 
contradict my self till I find reason for it, If the fool has not 
fortitude to bear an Answer why does He ask the Question? 
He wou'd do nothing that night in the morning he sends for 
[...] who had just begg'd the favour of me a few days before 
to make him known to him.  "well Mr. Gataker" him
all that had pass'd what say you?" .... Lord my dear sir you have
no stone how can Dr. Monsey say so?  You're a little Bilious you 
"have heated yrself &c  A little manna & salts &c will soon"
set all to rights." and so my stone was turn'd into Bile in a moment.  Do you 
know Bilious has thrust Nervous quite out of doors?  There isn't a fine lady 
now, but will own Her nerves are all as tight as fiddle strings & as much 
in tune as Giardini's violin, and as fit for all sorts of business as the 
most Cherry cheeked Milkmaids.  Talking of a fiddle puts me in mind 
of a fine fiddling woman just arriv'd from Venice who charms every
body.  She has 15 Guineas a night at the opera & they are said to be 
in want of some fresh support there for that Garrick & colman have 
set their faces against Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, & if they can, get 
all the Sport to themselves.  You see I am like a raw hasty sportsman
shoot at all game that Springs, and a Carrion Crow or a TomTit 
are the same to me.  A pheasant or a wood cock.  My rule with my 
friends has always been  , for 2 or 3 reasons.  In 
the first place it looks more like conversing with you which was 
always a pleasure to me.  In the next you avoid the fatigue of writing 
a labour'd ltr which is a dreadful thing. I suppose any commodity from a man 
in Europe will go down with an American.  If I were to tell you that I 
have it from undoubted Authority that my Grandfather and Grandmother 
had 4 elbows between em, twou'd pass current with you, & you would 
let it be stamp'd for all your Rebellion.  I presume before this reaches you, 
you will have heard that Death the great Stamper has stamp'd yr Stamper? 
Whether he will be consignd to the Region of fools for undertaking what 
he was not the master of, or sent to bear Virgils Villain company whom he 
mark's with this motto. ---- --- However if he did 
sell it, I don't believe he got above 3d and 6d for it -- but tis all over now 
& so let us return to the great Roscius with his bile or his stone." 
I call'd in two or three days, well Mr. G. how goes it? "Why, I have no stone." 
so much the better, but how do you know it? "Gataker was here just now"
"says I have not" very well, but his ipsie dixit I presume is no direct
proof "why pray sr don't a surgeon know more about a stone than a"
"Doctor," yes about cutting out a stone, but I humbly concieve not more 
than a Dr. at least not ex officio, at least not of the causes symptoms &
diagnostics, but He may do it most certainly, because there are learned
Surgeons & ignorant Doctors, but God knows tis little enough the Best of
us know, especially of the procatartic (I ask pardon for my technical term) the
remote or first causes.  I think I could venture to go so far as to pronounce