MSA SC 4885-1-27, M. Monsey to Daniel Dulany, Jany 2-April 1, 1770, f. 2
wrung off, chricks in my throat, my pulse stopping every 5th 4th or
third beat, my right foot as cold as clay, nights without sleep as if there 
had been no such affections in nature, & my left hand shaking like 
an Aspen leaf.  -- All this was nothing.-- No more it was to these grand 
'' [self taught, ignorant] geniuses.   Besides the folly & nonsense of these 
dogmatic enunciations it is a barbarous practice & undoes us poor Drs 
at once, for who the Devil will send for a man to Judge of his Ails 
who is supposed to know nothing of his own and indeed I was resolved 
to make use of this doctrine in my own favour with a Lady who told 
me nothing was the matter with me but magots & spleen, (& supposing 
that to be the case Spleen as you know is nothing) and I was as well as any 
man in England if I would but think so. -- well says I & have you
RX to write those thoughts? when you talk'd of iron hoops squeezing 
your Head, spasms tearing yr bowels, & gravel fretting your kidneys, 
did I sneer at you, & say you had neither Hoops, spasms nor gravel? 
however to cut matters short, keep em all to yr. self for the future, for 
I shall never come nigh em, or to be charitable) get rid of em as well 
as you can, as I shall of mine if I can, and so I lost her or rather
she coud not get me, but about a year ago I was too well & in 
too good spirits to have any wrath about me, & thought twas better 
to cure fools than kill em, but one ungratefull puppy I let groon
with a Rheumatism till He paid me plentifully for his Insult, tho'
twas rather too servere a Pennance, because the pertness of a 
fool can't give one much disturbance. 

Your wits pay for their incredulity with their Archness and their 
weapons are so finely edg'd you scarce fool em, & their Raillory puts 
you all in good humour in spite of yr. Tooth, & they bewitch you so that 
you laugh & foolishly try to believe 'em, but when a dull formal puppy 
attacks you with a g--d d--mn you "what ail you you whimsical son
"of a B_? you are as well as any man need to be" If you be
ridiculous enough to offer to explain or expostulate, -- "pshaw rot yr
nonsense away with yr stuff & loblolly, and all this because you are 
not so very ill as to be carried about in an Horse Litter.  It hurts one 
for single moment , but the next it must prove matter of Amusement

And so my dear friend let you & I get well, as fast as we 
can, & leave em the pleasure of saying we are Sick, & believing 
it too if they will.  Thus was I serv'd by the Merry Andrew of 
Drury Lane & his rope dancing wife, and I was forc'd to stand their
jokes & jibes before my friends & Enemies too sometimes. but the 
great friendship I had for em made me easily overlook all This & 
His wit & her german No wit fell upon me as light as feathers.
but I must tell you of a farce (for I haven't done with you yet). 
Some years ago I called at his house after the play, I met him in an 
Anti-room with a glass in his hand & looks as dreadful as He ever 
put on for Macbeth "Look Here" very well "what do you think" 
"of this urine"  I saw twas a little tending to grit gravel stone 
inflammation, - I didn't care to be too sanguine because I saw 
[...] puppy was in such a horrid fright.  "Well old puzzle Patie
[what?] say " ?  why Mr. frighted Patie my puzzle patie says