MSA SC 4885-1-27, M. Monsey to Daniel Dulany, Jany 2-April 1, 1770, f. 8

no Sinister views i will be quite explicite & serious too

And so Dear Sr I have to assure you, I am grown both to a most amazing
degree. I can't sell you a chuck under two guineas, & my right foot is got
out of the Baths of Nova Zembla, My left hand shakes, and all I say is, Shake
on you Shan't make me tremble, and I believe my right hand will soon laugh
him out of his folly & nonsense-- My Heart behaves very well, & no more capers 
about like a chicken with the neck's wrung off.  It is now & then in a little sort
of a flurry just like a girls at 10  a clock at night who was married in the
morning, I have till very lately upon first lying down in bed felt some little
...  about the  but it did not last long, and when I consider
...great difference between an erect & horizontal posture & its power to
... some little disorder into the Animal economy by suffering some latent
[whole line worn and illegible]
concerned, but very little surpriz'd, An old man of 77 must soon be knock'd down
with something or other & what does it signify with what, perhaps by a Polypous or
an ossification of the Aortas and I have had it hinted to me to have an eye
to the first by a wiseacre but I gave him to understand I shou'd rather
turn both my eyes to look at his face which is ugly & uncouth enough
either of 'em or an Apoplexy is a much genteely departure than to lay a
fortnight or 3 weeks with a Stinking putrid fever poysoning the noses
of yr friends & then going out like the Snuff of a Tallow Candle

For these last three days I have been much better than I have been
ever since I now you I have recover'd my sleep and appetite to a great
Degree & am now so pert and saucy that I think nothing can hurt me
but this dreadfull weather or a canon Ball & I have now taken for my
motto --- 
and if they send me to the Tower
to bear Oliver & my Ld Mayor company I don't value it of a pinch of Snuff.

I am so well I am going to morrow or next day to beat up the noble 
Captains Quarters & cause him to bring this load of Rubbish  in some hole
under Dock, -- I am so well that if I cou'd reconcile my self to be within six
inches of drowning for six weeks together I believe I should make you a Visit
Pray what is the reason you never have wrote me one syllable about your
mare & colt & how many 1000 pounds
you have gain'd by 'em.  Pray do. or 
[illegible line]

April 1

I saw  the Captain at the custom house on Saturday ...
and He Sails on Tuesday I am going to send this to Mr. Buchannan's this
evening. --- If I was not prevented I shou'd have rund down to the bottom
of my paper, but after such a sum of Bamboozle as is contained herein
It would be cruel & savage to take the advantage of the day & make
more of a fool of you than I have done already.

and now I return you yr. good wish out of Juvenal and all the other
good advice He gives us in that inimitable Satyr, & besides wish you
all the joys & comforts of a world of which you are so great an ornament
and am with the sincerest esteem, truth, & regard,
Dear Sr
Yrs very affectionately
M. Monsey

P.S. I perceive by the Captain yr Son is return'd from Paris, tho He
cou'd not make him out.  I shall endeavour
it soon.  I have seen nothing of the Bladens
this 12 months except Lady Essex one day in
her Chariot who was like an Angel and is
handsomer than the best in any country Church
Cathedral or the Pope's chapple & she is grown
so plump, she has a little the Air of a Cherubim.

I think this is now 
pretty near the bottom.  If I go on
much further I shall slip thro