MSA SC 4885-1-27, M. Monsey to Daniel Dulany, Jany 2-April 1, 1770, f. 6

twas all grimace, but they reason without knowledge, judge without proof,
& condemn without mercy, & having no feelings themselves naturally conclude
no body else has any.

What you have heard of Ld. Chest---d  is all damn'd Lies & Nonsense
His faculties now very near as good as ever they were & sure those are
sufficient to guard him against the madness of Enthusiasm or the follies
of Methodism.-- He is very deaf, but thank god not dumb for the sake 
of his friends, and almost blind for which I am very sorry for his own
sake, because Reading is almost the only comfort and amusement he
has left.-- To my great concern I have lately been able to dine with him
very [often] for it is always a joy & comfort to me & when I tell you
the D. of Leeds' house is another ordinary I give you the sum and
substance of my Intercourse with the Great.  I should be ungratefull tho'
to forget the Duke of North---d who indeed is very gracious to me &
a very agreeable companion, --for the rest they are too big for me or I
too little for them, or too something or other, --I have generally lov'd
to converse with my Equals and those thre noble personages always 
let themselves down to my capacity, and receive me as if I was there
equal, & I am forced to have a damn'd hard battle with my pride
not to think I am really so, which has always been attended with this
unlucky circumstance that I am spoiled for a common Lord's company
I feel queer and awkward, but I always prefer'd quarter tray, to Size all
however as there is no Act of Parlt. for the junctions that sets all
matters to rights again.  How often have I heard Ld Ch profess his utmost
contempt and detestation for those who can pique themselves upon their
families fortunes Titles & honours, and I believe from the very bottom 
of his heart, & when I have accidentally express'd my abhorrence of
a pack of wretches, who abuse & tyrannize over their Servants. --He wou'd
cry out My God! What inhumanity?  Is it not enough that they are
our kind Assistants & indeed our Slaves & we can't be contented withou
being their Devils. -- I remember he once said to me upon some
occasion or other, ---"Dr I don't believe you ever once flatter'd me
"in yr life" No my Lord and depend upon it I never shall for I can't bring
myself to believe that your are fool enough to like to take it, or that
you think me so much of a Rogue as ever to give it.--That's a Traffick
only between those sort of Gentry, and I dislike one as much as it is
impossible for you to be other. --Very well says he & so let us go on the
old way. --- He has lately been very ill & to my sorrow my scalded Ancle
wou'd not suffer me to see him.  but the Duke of Leeds who called upon
me tother day told me He had seen him airing in his chariot two or three
days together.

I don't know what to say in excuse for this enormous length of Lr. and yet
I am carrying on my transgression.  -- I don't know how it is, but this sort 
of scribbling is a kind of bastard conversation, & so I make my self believe
I am talking with you as well as I can.  I don't deny it.  This is a 
cursed long ltr but a very long ltr takes but a short time to read it.