MSA SC 4885-1-27, M. Monsey to Daniel Dulany, Jany 2-April 1, 1770, f. 5

Pag. 5th  March 27th
When a man comes to paging of ltrs it grows a very serious affair
& tis dreadful when a lazy idle man, who has nothing but Scribbling to divert him
shou'd take it into his head that his friend has nothing to do but to read him.  However
for once your good genius saves you by unlucky Accident wich my Ill one
has brought upon me.  Above a month ago I scalded by Ancle most greviously
& have been now doing penance for my folly & indiscretion in neglecting
to take proper care of it in time & when I was able to sit up I was forc'd
to keep my leg upon a chair, & if I did but show my foot the ground it burn'd
and flew like a fiddling string in wet weather without pretending to set my 
foot upon it, the perpendicular posture cut me to the heart so that I dreaded
getting out of bed more than a School Boy does a Rod. & what was worse
& what I dreaded my confinement hurt my general health, & I was robb'd
of my appetite & slept to such a degree as if there had not [been too] such
affections in Human nature, but not to weary you out with a dull sickly
narrative of an old Chelsea Pensioner.  I have recover'd both to a comfortable 
degree, and what has been a most merciful favour of a gracious God I
have not suffer'd by a return of my anomalous complaints to which my
Scald, bad as it was was a meer flea bite.  You will believe  me and
whether any body else does I don't care a pinch of snuff. --I hope I shall get out
--  -- 
at present I can't keep my self
with all my skill fires beg enough to roast an ox. --Last night was most
excessively cold.  They say as cold as any night this year and almost of any
year, and this I believe (which is the 26th of March) will be quite as
severe.  The politicians I suppose keep themselves warm with Squabbling
I hear the H of C--ns sat til 5 this morning, & I am told (for I 
have not been in Town these 2 months, nor seen six people from it)
They have voted Oliver the Tower, it is presumed to provide warm
Lodgings for my Lord Mayor who it seems has the gout --Where these
Things will end God only knows.  They have an ill condition'd beginning.
I am a Coward & so paint in black, however in all probability but that
worst come to worst, I can't live to see much of my countries misery,
but still I feel for it. --I am in a matter detached from Life, and never
was in a condition to be much afraid of tumults and Revolutions.

That's my comfort.  I never had ardent desires for great fortunes, nor much 
dread of bad, & now all an old man of 77 has to wish for is

and that's a very sanguine hope this dismal weather. But you will be
told all This by the noble captain much better than I can write it.

Talking of politics was always my aversion. In my case tis arguing
without ideas and praising or condemning without knowledge and I never could
bear talking for talking sake.  I can discourse about a mousetrap or a
Barrel of oysters, because I have seen one & eaten of the other, but I would
not guess at the capacity or motives of a prime minister for the world
My present opinion is however we have no body that is able to govern and
very few willing to be governed.--- We are a nation of kings, which
without a pindaric transition I think is or soon will be a nation of 
Slaves, if God does not save us by a Miracle, & I think nothing else can
We are just at the point of Luxury & dissipation at which Rome fell, & 
I don't think we have grace enought to deserve a better a better fate
& futher this deponent saith not

You give a great character of Ld. Botebourt[?], but our wits here say