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Large portions of this project are taken from the Master's thesis of Maryland State Archives' Archival Research Intern, Emily A. Oland. This thesis, entitled Running Mates: A Biographical Study of First Ladies and Official Hostesses of Maryland, 1777-1995, is copyright protected by Emily A. Oland and was submitted to the University of Maryland Graduate School, Baltimore in August 1996 in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a M.A. degree. Other participants in the writing and research include: Saskia Bakker, Maggie Cappelle, Sally Craig, Cornelia Feddern, Corinne Funk, Laura Lisy, Amy Robertson, Dani Schaffel, Amy Kirkley, and Robert Stillwell. Supervisors for this program include: Carol Borchert, Mimi Calver, Emily Oland, Elaine Rice, R.J. Rockefeller, and Dr. Edward Papenfuse.

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