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Bessie Olive Cole (1883-1971)
MSA SC 3520-14381


Archival Sources -

BALTIMORE CITY HEALTH DEPARTMENT, BUREAU OF VITAL STATISTICS (Death Record) B. Olive Cole, 5 June 1971 [MSA C2108-560, 2/21/5/4]

Newspaper/Journal Articles -

"Many New Pharmacists." The Star, 8 May 1913.

"To Install Dr. Fell Today, Will be Part of University of Maryland Commencement Exercises." The Baltimore Sun, 31 May 1913.

"About our Women in Maryland: Dr. B. Olive Cole, Phar. D., LL.B." The Mercury, June 1936.

"Pharmacist and Lawyer." The Baltimore Sun, 13 July 1947.

"Alumni Medal Presented to Miss B. Olive Cole." The Maryland Pharmacist 28 (1953): 666-670.

"Dr. Olive Cole Named Professor Emeritus." The Washington Post, 20 November 1953.

"Funeral Set for Dr. Cole, Pharmacy School Figure." The Baltimore Sun, 8 June, 1971.

"B. Olive Cole, 1883-1971: Chronology." The Maryland Pharmacist 48 (1972): 26, 28-29.

Books - 

Stegman, Carolyn B. Women of Achievement in Maryland History. Maryland: Anaconda Press, 2002.

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