The Maryland Gazette, 25 April 1833

Died on the 22d instant, Mrs. Sally
Harwood, wife of Richd. Harwood of 
Thos., Adjutant General of the state of Mary-
land, and eldest daughter of the late John Cal-
lahan Esq., in the 50th year of her age.  The vir-
tue and the worth of this excellent lady can be
appreciated only by her familiar friends, for 
the tenor of her life was noiseless and unobtru-
sive.  No great variety of incident marked her 
course, yet that course was adorned by vir-
tues and qualities which will endear her memory
to her bereaved family and friends; all the va-
ried duties of a Wife, a Mother, and a Child,
she performed with an untiring fidelity and
cheerfulness.  Forgetful of herself she only 
thought of the comforts of others, and during
the last hours of a protracted illness, which
she bore with exemplary resignation, the be-
nevolence of her character was tenderly mani-
fested.  To gentle manners, and a benign
temper was added genuine piety--indeed her
whole life beautifully illustrated the sanctified
heart, and we trust her immortal spirit
"washed in the atoning blood, and clothed
with the righteousness of her Redeemer" is
now realizing the joys of that world, where
   "The Soul from sin forever free,
   Shall mourn its power no more;
   But clothed with spotless purity,
   Redeeming love adore."