The Maryland Gazette, 9 April 1835


Died, on Saturday late in this city, RICHARD
HARWOOD of Thos., Adjutant-General of Ma-
ryland, in the 61st year of his age, leaving a
large and amiable family, and an extensive cir-
cle of friends and relatives to mourn his loss.
He was blessed with a liberal education, with
which he instituted the principles of integrity and
honour.  His virtues were many, his foibles few.
Never was he known to turn away from a spec-
tacle of pity--never did he shut his ears to the
voice of distress--never by a reproach silence
the cries of poverty, nor denied his bounty to
the necessitous.  The numerous concourses of
citizens and soldiers who attended his remains
to the grave best attest the estimation in which
he was held by his fellow citizens.