Sudden Death of Augustus Gassaway
    News was received here late last
evening announcing the sudden death
of Mr. Augustus Gassaway, an old
citizen of Annapolis, at his residence,
38 Pleasant Street, Baltimore, where
he has lived for the past four years.
At the time of his death, he was a clerk
in the Record office, and had been at
work as usual at his desk, and re-
turned home about five o'clock in ap-
parent good health. At fifteen min-
utes before seven o'clock he started
down stairs to tea, and upon seating
himself at the table complained of a
severe pain in the head. He was
noticed to turn pale, and Dr. Patter-
son was summoned. Scarcely had
the physician arrived when Mr. Gas-
saway expired. Mr. Gassaway was a
member of an old Annapolis family,
and had held at different time sever-
al offices of responsibility. For a
number of years he was the secretary
of the Maryland Senate, and also fill-
ed the position of deputy clerk of the
Maryland Court of Appeals. He was
Mayor of this city, from April 12th,
1869 to May 10, 1870; and also held
the position of postmaster of Annapo-
lis under Buchanan's administration.
He was a brother of William H. Gas-
saway, who for years has been promi-
nent as a justice of the peace in this
city, and an uncle of Mr. L.G. Gassa-
way, cashier of the Farmers' National
Bank, of this city.
    Deceased was 59 years of age and
leaves a widow and a daughter. His
wife is a daughter of the late John
Whittington, of this city.

- The Evening Captial, 16 June 1885.