DIED - At Utica, (New York,) on the
evening of the 20th inst. BURTON WHET-
CROFT, Esq. in the 69th year of his age.
    Mr. Whetcroft was a native of Ireland,
he came to America when he was about ten
years of age, and settled in Maryland, he
sustained through life a fair and irreproach-
able character, and was for many years clerk
of the court of appeals for the state of Ma-
land, and for some time mayor of the city
of Annapolis. Since the year 1813, Mr.
Whetcroft has resided in the city of Wash-
ington, with his only daughter, the lady of
Major Sa____ Clark, of the Army of the
U. States. Mr. Clark is now stationed
at this place and Mr. W. was on a visit to
his daughter at the time of his death. It
may be acceptable to the friends of the de
ceased to know that his remains were at
tended by a numerous concourse of people,
and committed to the grave with the rites
and ceremonies of the Protestant Episcopal
Church to which he belonged.
                                        [Utica paper.

Maryland Gazette, 2 May 1822.