Annapolis elects Moyer 1st woman mayor
                    Dougherty ousts incumbent in Frederick

                    The Associated Press
                    Originally published November 6, 2001, 9:56 PM EST

                    Voters in Annapolis elected Ellen O. Moyer Tuesday as the state capital’s
                    first female mayor, and businesswoman Jennifer Dougherty ousted
                    two-term incumbent James S. Grimes in Frederick’s mayoral race.

                    Dougherty, a restaurant and gift shop owner who has never held public
                    office, had 5,555 votes, or 60 percent, to Grimes’ 3,721, or 40 percent,
                    with all but absentee ballots tallied Tuesday night.

                    Celebrating at her restaurant, Democrat Dougherty said: "We are very
                    encouraged by the idea people want to move beyond the issues that have
                    concerned us in the past. People definitely want a fresh approach."

                    The race, laced with scandal, was colored by accusations of ethical lapses
                    and inexperience: Grimes, 60, railed against Dougherty, 40, as not having
                    the credentials to lead the town of 52,000 people. Dougherty portrayed
                    Grimes as a secretive administrator bent more on enriching friends than
                    serving the public.

                    Grimes, a wealthy trucking magnate and Republican with two decades in
                    various public offices, tried to convince voters that he has the political
                    background to guide the city for the next four years.

                    Dougherty delivered one of her sharpest jabs Monday after the city ethics
                    commission refused to reveal its decision on whether a Grimes campaign
                    ad violated ethics rules.

                    The ad featured city department heads praising Grimes’ emergency
                    preparedness measures after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Dougherty
                    claimed that the ad broke a law that prohibits city employees from
                    politicking while acting in their official capacities.

                    Grimes has weathered plenty of controversy. During his current term, the
                    city settled two federal civil rights lawsuits, lost a police chief who sent an
                    officer to spy on a critic, and went to court to fight the release of client
                    lists confiscated from an escort service that reportedly serviced public

                    Those records, known locally as the "black book," remained secret on
                    Election Day after Judge G. Edward Dwyer of Frederick County Circuit
                    Court declined to release them to news organizations without certain
                    restrictions on their use.

                    In Annapolis, Moyer received 4,102 votes, or 55 percent, to Republican
                    Herb McMillan’s 3,404 votes, or 45 percent.

                    Moyer, 65, a 14-year member of the Annapolis City Council, easily beat
                    four challengers in the Demo cratic primary, including former Mayor
                    Alfred Hopkins.

                    McMillan, 43, is a commercial airline pilot and Naval Academy graduate
                    who won his first term on the council in 1997. He narrowly defeated
                    incumbent Mayor Dean Johnson in a bitter, head-to-head primary

                    Moyer promised to be a consensus builder as mayor, and boasted of
                    working closely with Gov. Parris N. Glendening, Anne Arundel County
                    Executive Janet S. Owens and the area’s legislative representatives.

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