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Adele Hagner Stamp (1893-1974)
MSA SC 3520-13578
Dean of Women, University of Maryland, 1922-1960


Primary Works -

Community Organization in Maryland Welfare Organizations.  Thesis.  University of Maryland, College Park.  1924.

Singing and Activity Games for Indoors and Out and Suggestions for Seasonal Entertainments in Church, Parish Hall, and School.  College Park, MD: University of Maryland, 1928.

Archival Sources -

PAPERS.  Adele H. Stamp, 1922-1983.  University of Maryland Archives, Historical Manuscripts.  ARCV72-15.  12 ft. organized as six series: University Activities, Civic Organization and Activities, Scrapbooks, Miscellaneous, Posthumous Honors, and Photographs.  Unpublished guide available.

Newspapers articles -

"Mrs. Roosevelt Speaks Friday in New Jersey: Deans of Women Open Meeting Tomorrow in Atlantic City."  The Washington Post, 19 February 1935.

"Maryland's Woman Dean has World War Experience."  The Baltimore Sun, 15 October 1939.

"Sorority Plans Reception."  The Washington Post, 28 April 1940.

"Dinner to Fete Dean of UM Women."  The Baltimore Sun, 4 June 1956.

"Dean Stamp Retires Today; Ends 38 Years of Service."  The Diamondback, 1 December 1960.

"Girls Her Hobby for 38 Years."  The Baltimore Sun, 4 December 1960.

"Md. U. Honors Dean Stamp."  The Washington Post, 5 December 1960.

McPherson, Bill.  "She's Leaving Her Old Stamping Grounds."  The Washington Post, 11 December 1960.

Hailey, Jean R.  "Adele Hagner Stamp, Emeritus Dean at Maryland U., Dies." The Washington Post, 18 October 1974.

"Miss Stamp, 1st UM women's dean, dies." The Baltimore Sun, 18 October 1974.

"Miss Stamp to be Feted by U of M, The Baltimore Sun. 18 Octover 1974.

Rains, Lon.  "Astronaut Lauds Another Woman Pioneer."  The Washington Post, 25 September 1983.

Hogan, A. R.  "Astronaut Pays Return Visit for Dedication Ceremonies."  The Diamondback, 26 September 1983. 

Secondary Sources -

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On-line Sources -

Maryland State Archives. Maryland Women's Hall of Fame.

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