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Newspaper/Journal Articles (in chronological order) -

"15 candidates apply to be Circuit Court judge."  The Baltimore Sun, 22 March 1995.

"Lawyers polled for choice for District Court judge."  The Baltimore Sun, 31 March 1995.

"Lack of black finalists for judgeship questioned."  The Baltimore Sun, 15 May 1995.

"Panel broadens pool of judicial nominees; Five women, five men are on combined list for 2 Circuit Court vacancies."  The Baltimore Sun, 11 October 1995.

"Glendening Reapppoints Two, Names Five new Circuit Judges."  The Daily Record, 25 October 1995.

"Governor appoints 4 to circuit judgeships; Howard gets first women, first black on bench." The Baltimore Sun, 25 October 1995.

"Governor appoints 2 women as judges; One is first black named to local Circuit bench."  The Baltimore Sun, 25 October 1995.

"Lawyer Leasure sworn in as Circuit Court judge; She is first woman to join bench at that level in county."  The Baltimore Sun, 14 November 1995.

"Gray explores run for executive; $250-a-person, private fund-raiser held for councilman." The Baltimore Sun, 17 November 1995.

"Letters."  The Baltimore Sun, 19 November 1995.

"Circuit Court gains its first black judge; Attorney must stand for election March 5 for a 15-year term."  The Baltimore Sun, 21 November 1995.

"2 new judges likely to face challengers; Circuit appointees must run for election in March 5 primary; Candidates being sought; Critics say governor politicized process in judicial selection."  The Baltimore Sun, 23 November 1995.

"Sit and Run?  Howard County: Newly seated Circuit Court judges shouldn't face immediate election." The Baltimore Sun, 28 November 1995.

"Judge, attorney file for Circuit Court in Howard County."  The Baltimore Sun, 29 November 1995.

"2 to challenge new judges in March primary; Candidates question the experience of governor's appointees; 'Not a training ground; 'Incumbents are first woman, black on circuit bench." The Baltimore Sun, 29 November 1995.

"Letters."  The Baltimore Sun, 3 December 1995.

"Judgeship campaign should be a nasty one (Comment)."  The Baltimore Sun, 3 December 1995.

"Howard jurist embraces new job; First black judge happy and welcome in Circuit Court."  The Baltimore Sun, 11 December 1995.

"Fund-raiser set for challengers to new judges; 350 people are expected tonight at Columbia event." The Baltimore Sun, 13 December 1995.

"Judges promise apolitical campaign; Two new appointees already face challenge in March 5 primary." The Baltimore Sun, 18 December 1995.

"Attorney enters race for judge; Cohen says husband of candidate sought to dissuade him." The Baltimore Sun, 21 December 1995.

"Letters."  The Baltimore Sun, 24 December 1995.

"Jessup man joins race for school board; Engineer becomes fifth candidate for single position; Primary set for March 5; Five will compete for two judges slots in Circuit Court."  The Baltimore Sun, 27 December 1995.

"1995: A year marked by its share of battles; Some issues resolved, others refuse to die; garbage still hot issue."  The Baltimore Sun, 31 December 1995.

"Smith questions two sitting judges' criminal caseload; Hill Staton, Leasure rebut challenger's implications."  The Baltimore Sun, 28 February 1996.

"Politics' role in naming of judges debated; Barbs continue to fly as primary vote nears." The Baltimore Sun, 1 March 1996.

"LETTERS."  The Baltimore Sun, 3 March 1996.

"Contentious judicial race nearing end; Primary election for two judgeships is Tuesday; Rumors, name-calling; 5 candidates argue over experience and temperament." The Baltimore Sun, 3 March 1996.

"Maryland Primary endorsements." The Baltimore Sun, 3 March 1996.

"Bar halts request to ban TV ads; But lawyers rebut candidates' statements."  The Baltimore Sun, 4 March 1996.

"A final controversy winds up judges race; Calls by 'Democrats for Gelfman-Smith' are criticized." The Baltimore Sun, 5 March 1996.

"Howard judicial race gives sign of campaign style for fall election; New appointees win Democratic primary."  The Baltimore Sun, 6 March 1996.

"Circuit judge battle II set for Nov.; Governor's nominees win Democratic race, two challengers GOP; An expensive campaign; Voters eliminate one candidate from the general election."  The Baltimore Sun, 6 March 1996.

"Cohen, 'odd man out' of judges' race, has 'no regrets;' Lawyer's populist style failed to impress voters."  The Baltimore Sun, 7 March 1996.

"Judicial race may explode again in fall; 4 of 5 contenders survive the heated primary election; 'Race soured the voters;' 2 highest vote-getters in November will win Circuit bench terms."  The Baltimore Sun, 7 March 1996.

"Learning from the judicial debacle; Howard County: Question on the morning after: 'We have to go through this again?'"  The Baltimore Sun, 11 March 1996.

"Aftermath of election worries lawyers; Some fear tensions from judicial race."  The Baltimore Sun, 11 March 1996.

"Voters chose judges along party lines; Primary results suggest partisan loyalty was at work; November may be different; Name recognition cited for putting Gelfman in lead."  The Baltimore Sun, 13 March 1996.

"Can cash tip scales of justice?  Lawyers commonly make contributions to judges' races." The Baltimore Sun, 24 March 1996.

"Two judicial challengers drop adviser; Chief strategist for Gelfman, Smith to sit out election; Aide led primary tactics; Departure may signal less-negative tone, observers say."  The Baltimore Sun, 21 April 1996.

"Schrader charges GOP was used; Council member endorses Democratic judicial candidates." The Baltimore Sun, 23 April 1996.

"Sadler to retire from bench; Governor's choice of successor could revive diversity issue." The Baltimore Sun, 23 May 1996.

"District Court vacancy draws 16; County lawyers vie for spot on bench opened by retirement." The Baltimore Sun, 8 August 1996.

"Another judgment for Howard bench; Race, gender again will be factors for Glendening in court appointment."  The Baltimore Sun, 13 August 1996.

Untitled.  The Baltimore Sun, 1 September 1996.

"Club votes to withhold school board endorsement; Candidate decides against seeking Democrats' support."  The Baltimore Sun, 12 September 1996.

"Sign-waving by two challengers in judicial race may have caused traffic accident in Howard." The Baltimore Sun, 12 September 1996.

"2 candidates said to cause auto accident; Fender-bender came near judicial hopefuls campaigning at corner; Pair left scene abruptly; Driver rear-ending car is friend of rival judge and reported incident."  The Baltimore Sun, 12 September 1996.

"Hill Staton, Leasure get group's endorsement; African-American Republican Club backs 2 circuit judges."  The Baltimore Sun, 17 September 1996.

"7 lawyers proposed for seat on bench; Nominating panel list for District Court slot now goes to governor."  The Baltimore Sun, 20 September 1996

"Judicial contest snarls party ties; Nonpartisan tradition yields to infighting."  The Baltimore Sun, 22 September 1996.

"Black coalition opposes list of finalists for judge; Group says choices don't reflect applicants' diversity."  The Baltimore Sun, 22 September 1996.

"Politicians eye rise of independents; More than 16,000 in county unaffiliated; 112% jump since '86; 'Nasty politics' are turnoff; Major parties court nonpartisan group for swing votes."  The Baltimore Sun, 23 September 1996.

"Circuit Court candidates spar over electing judges; Two appointees, challengers debate at Elkridge meeting."  The Baltimore Sun, 27 September 1996.

"Circuit Court candidates turn to cable commercials; Local ads emphasize experience, crime stance." The Baltimore Sun, 29 September 1996.

"Black before the bench and white sitting on it (Comment)."  The Baltimore Sun, 29 September 1996.

Judges' ads question foes' experience; Gelfman, who led in primary, is main target; 'That's a personal attack;' Move signals shift to the offensive by Leasure, Hill Staton." The Baltimore Sun, 1 October 1996.

"Judges explain silence on crime; Hill Staton, Leasure say fairness precludes discussing the issue." The Baltimore Sun, 4 October 1996.

"Judge attacked for role at event; Before appointment by governor, Leasure aided his fund-raiser." The Baltimore Sun, 8 October 1996.

"Judicial campaign a study in strategy; 2 operate from bench; 2 take grass-roots tack."  The Baltimore Sun, 10 October 1996.

"TV ad uses governor in attack on Leasure; Judicial challengers renew charges of unfair advantage." The Baltimore Sun, 14 October 1996.

"Sitting judges renew TV attack; Target is tough claims on crime; challengers raise ethics questions." The Baltimore Sun, 15 October 1996.

"Attorney talks tough in race for Circuit judge; Smith freer to talk than sitting judges during campaign."  The Baltimore Sun, 16 October 1996.

"Former police chiefs endorse Gelfman, Smith; Challengers' experience in criminal law noted in judges' race."  The Baltimore Sun, 17 October 1996.

"Judges address crime issue; Foes of Leasure, Hill Staton have stressed getting tough." The Baltimore Sun, 18 October 1996.

"Letters."  The Baltimore Sun, 20 October 1996.

"When white guys lose, the game isn't fair (Comment)."  The Baltimore Sun, 20 October 1996.

"For voters, crime is top consideration; Residents have scant knowledge of judicial candidates; Gelfman's name recognized; Sitting judges make pointed statements about criminals." The Baltimore Sun, 20 October 1996.

"Judges on the campaign trail; Judicial challenges:  Contested elections don't foster impartial justice." The Baltimore Sun, 20 October 1996.

"Adviser creates stir in campaign; sitting judges hire Arscott, a Republican."  The Baltimore Sun, 21 October 1996.

"Challengers in judicial race air rebuttal TV ad; Cable spot reinforces tough on-crime-theme, includes endorsements."  The Baltimore Sun, 22 October 1996.

"The crime game; Howard County:  Judicial challengers irresponsibly play to fears with tough talk." The Baltimore Sun, 22 October 1996.

"Two statewide organizations endorse sitting judges Hill Staton and Leasure."  The Baltimore Sun, 23 October 1996.

"Crime rate steadily dropping; But statewide rate has increased since 1984; 'One of the safest places,' Judges can have little direct effect, some experts say."  The Baltimore Sun, 24 October 1996.

"For Judges Hill Staton and Leasure; Howard County:  After successful trials, Circuit Court judges have earned full terms."  The Baltimore Sun, 24 October 1996.

"Candidates deny blame for ugly race; Sitting judges accuse challengers, who criticize news media; New spat breaks out; Gelfman, Smith say foes improperly used political ties."  The Baltimore Sun, 25 October 1996.

"Letters:  Hill Staton, Leasure, Gelfman or Smith?  More views."  The Baltimore Sun, 27 October 1996.

"Judges call challengers' flier racist; Opponents say accusation is 'preposterous;' 'This brings a new low;' Bitter contest continues for judicial seats."  The Baltimore Sun, 27 October 1996.

"Judges say foes' attacks cause 'disrespect for bench; Gelfman calls their ad 'slap' at District Court." The Baltimore Sun, 27 October 1996.

"Incumbent judges lead fund raising; $360,000 collected in Circuit Court race may be state record; Latest report just released; Money needs create 'awkward position,' court official says."  The Baltimore Sun, 29 October 1996.

"Two dozen lawyers support sitting judges; Spring primary saw attorneys bitterly divided."  The Baltimore Sun, 31 October 1996.

"African-American Coalition's PAC announces endorsements."  The Baltimore Sun, 31 October 1996.

"Exhibit A against elected judgeships; Circuit Court:  From flood of donations to nasty ads, Howard race has been a disgrace."  The Baltimore Sun, 31 October 1996.

"Judges' campaigns plan last-minute blitz; Both sides will mail, hand out much literature."  The Baltimore Sun, 1 November 1996.

"Dick Gelfman's campaign role raises questions."  The Baltimore Sun, 1 November 1996.

"D. Gelfman's role in ads questioned; Spouse of candidate for circuit judge works for WJZ-TV; Station's equipment rented; Campaign report did not mention ad-making activities."  The Baltimore Sun, 1 November 1996.

"Accusations still clouding judicial race; Two campaigns trade allegations, call photo, TV image misleading." The Baltimore Sun, 3 November 1996.

"This race leaves mud all over Justice's robes."  The Baltimore Sun, 3 November 1996.

"LETTERS."  The Baltimore Sun, 3 November 1996.

"Circuit Court race rages toward end; Divisive campaign has ramifications beyond bench; Political cross-currents; diversity, crime, appointment process among issues raised."  The Baltimore Sun, 3 November 1996.

"Voters to get last word in judges race; Contentious contest focuses on crime, governor's popularity; Heavy turnout expected; School board seat, charter amendments to be decided today."  The Baltimore Sun, 5 November 1996.

"Leasure, Gelfman lead; Fewer than 2,000 votes separate top 3 candidates; Attorney Smith loses; Hill Staton refuses to concede defeat in circuit judges' race."  The Baltimore Sun, 6 November 1996.

"Three judges take day off at end of venomous race; Hill Staton's apparent loss leads to bittersweet mood."  The Baltimore Sun, 7 November 1996.

"Race questions linger in Howard election; voters apparently reject county's first black judge."  The Baltimore Sun, 7 November 1996.

"A redefining moment?  Judge Hill Staton's defeat shatters the image of racial harmony." The Baltimore Sun, 7 November 1996.

"Race debate follows election; First black judge in county, Hill Staton, apparently defeated; Some blame 'racism;' Observers believe absentee ballots won't alter outcome." The Baltimore Sun, 7 November 1996.

"Voters' Rejection of Black Judge Is Discouraging to Many People."  The Washington Post, 7 November 1996.

"Absentee vote fails to rally Hill Staton; With more than half counted, her chances fade in judges' race; Gelfman closes on Leasure; First black judge in county trails by 1,812 with 1,900 left."  The Baltimore Sun, 8 November 1996.

"Absentee ballots fail to add up to secure seat on bench for Hill Staton; 1st African-American judge in county hoped for last-minute surge."  The Baltimore Sun, 10 November 1996.

"Hill Staton refuses to be bitter about loss (Comment)."  The Baltimore Sun, 10 November 1996.

"Judges' race leaves legacy of rivalry; Republicans split; blacks renew fight for judicial seat; BOP unity breakfast set; Campaign squabbles may have set stage for 1998 contests." The Baltimore Sun, 10 November 1996.

"Complaints continue after judges' race."  The Baltimore Sun, 17 November 1996.

"Why didn't Ecker use his pulpit in judges race? (Comment)."  The Baltimore Sun, 17 November 1996.

"Letters."  The Baltimore Sun, 17 November 1996.

"Judges race most costly on record; $462,748 was spent, finance reports show old high was $289,160; 'Rich people only'; Hard-fought campaign for two Circuit Court positions lasted a year, CAMPAIGN 1996."  The Baltimore Sun, 28 November 1996.

"Bitter taste lingers after judges' race; Gelfman takes oath; Hill Staton ponders next career move; Brief, private ceremony; Judge won post after failure to win appointment (SERIES--GELFMAN.  First of two parts)."  The Baltimore Sun, 1 December 1996.

"District Court now missing 2 of 4 judges; Latest vacancy comes from Gelfman election to Circuit Court bench; 'There will be a slowdown;' Glendening may wait for
new nominee list before filling openings (SERIES--LENORE R. GELFMAN.  Second of two parts)." The Baltimore Sun, 2 December 1996.

"Senators want judicial vacancies filled quickly; Two seats open on District Court; case backlog feared." The Baltimore Sun, 3 December 1996.

"Post-election summit will consider the future of black candidates; Circuit Court contest led to effort to ponder race and politics."  The Baltimore Sun, 12 December 1996.

"WJZ-TV bars its equipment in election ads; Policy was changed after pressure from coalition of blacks; Dispute arose in judges' race; Reporter used gear from station on spots for candidate-wife."  The Baltimore Sun, 15 December 1996.

"Columbia man appointed to District Court; Glendening names attorney Axel to one of two vacancies; Long considered favorite; Coalition to press for next opening to be filled by black." The Baltimore Sun, 5 January 1997.

"Attorney general picks former judge as 1 of his deputies."  The Baltimore Sun, 22 January 1997.

"Hill Staton chosen as Curran deputy; Ex-Circuit judge to be first black woman in post."  The Baltimore Sun, 22 January 1997.

"Closure for Donna Hill Staton; Howard's first black judge:  Job with attorney general lets her continue in public sector."  The Baltimore Sun, 29 January 1997.

"Staton Tapped for State Post; Former Circuit Judge to Be Deputy Attorney General Staton Tapped for State Post; Former Circuit Judge to Be Deputy Attorney General"  The Washington Post, 30 January 1997.

"Axel is sworn in as newest member of District Court; African-American group lobbies for appointment of black to still-open seat."  The Baltimore Sun, 5 February 1997.

"Letters:  Hill Staton did not lose because of her race."  The Baltimore Sun, 16 February 1997.

"Clark sworn as judge in District Court; She becomes first African-American on district bench; 'Never too late to dream;' Emotional ceremony a step in healing racial divisions." The Baltimore Sun, 12 June 1997.

"LETTERS."  The Baltimore Sun, 22 June 1997.

"3-year term imposed in crash; Man violated parole after drunken driving caused fatality."  The Baltimore Sun, 22 April 1998.

"Maryland Top 100 Women," The Daily Record (2000), 73.

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