Glendening sets 'green' goals

Gov. seeks to cut energy use at state facilities; no penalties set forth in plan

By Jon Goldstein
SunSpot Staff

March 13, 2001

An elaborate set of "green" goals aimed at making the state government more environmentally responsible were set forth today in an executive order issued by Gov.
Parris N. Glendening.

The order sets a six percent goal for "green energy" use at state-owned facilities, proposes to reduce energy use in state buildings by 10 percent per square foot by
2005 and creates a 16-member Green Buildings Council charged with making the design and construction of all new state facilities and renovations at existing sites
more environmentally conscious.

There are no penalties set by the order for those state agencies that do not reach these goals.

"While Smart Growth focuses on where we build, our green building initiative focuses on how we build," Glendening said. "It is the next step in our efforts to grow
smarter, live more in balance with our environment and help protect and restore the Chesapeake Bay."

No cost estimates for the plan were available, but a spokeswoman for the governor confirmed that using more expensive "green energy" sources of power such as
solar and wind would increase costs in the short-term. However, savings would be generated in the long run by greater energy efficiency, said Glendening
spokeswoman Raquel Guillory.