Archives of Maryland
(Biographical Series)

Jeanne Blackistone Dorsey Mandel (1937-2001)
MSA SC 3520-2295
First Lady of Maryland, 1974-1979


Newspaper articles -

Barbieri, Anthony, Jr.  "Mandel wed 30 minutes after divorce."  The Baltimore Sun, 14 August 1974.

"Where are the portraits?"  The Evening Capital, 2 January 1975.

"Governor's relation in mishap."  The Evening Capital, 8 January 1976.

"Did Jeanne Mandel receive cash?"  The Evening Capital, 20 January 1976.

"$54,000 loan to Mandel, wife still a mystery."  The Evening Capital 2 February 1976.

"Mystery money damages Mandel."  The Evening Capital, 3 February 1976.

"Burch doesn't stir on loan to Mandel."  The Evening Capital, 4 February 1976.

"Earl helps colonials commemorate on Maryland Day in St. Marys City."  The Baltimore Sun, 26 March 1976.

Smith, C. Fraser.  "Mandel faces worst blow yet."  The Baltimore Sun, 14 October 1997.

"Jeanne Blackistone Mandel dies at 64." The Baltimore Sun, 8 October 2001.

"Obituary:  Jeanne Mandel dead at 64." The Capital, 8 October 2001.

"Jeanne B. Mandel Dies; Ex-Governor's 2nd Wife."  The Washington Post, 9 October 2001.

"An Undying Love Affair Outlasts State House Scandal of Long Ago." The Washington Post, 21 October 2001.

Books -

Brugger, Robert J.  Maryland:  A Middle Temperament:  1634-1980.  Baltimore:  The Johns Hopkins University Press
        in association with the Maryland Historial Society, 1988.

Callcott, George H.  Maryland & America:  1940 to 1980.  Baltimore:  The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1985.

Jacobs, Bradford. Thimbleriggers:  The Law v. Governor Marvin Mandel.  Baltimore:  The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1984.

Other materials -

Maryland State Archives GOVERNOR (General File) Biography of Jeanne Blackistone Mandel, undated (c. 1976), MSA S1041-2249.

Correspondence relating to the visit of Lord Mountbatten to Maryland on March 25, 1976.  Maryland State Archives GOVERNOR (General File) MSA S1041-2289.

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