TO:             Ed Papenfuse

Emily Oland Squires

Mimi Calver

FROM:         Karen Dunaway

DATE:         November 3, 1999

RE:   Report of findings on the Lane administration (January 3, 1947-January, 1951) from newspaper articles, The Evening Capital.


After skimming The Evening Capital for articles on Mrs. Lane and Government House during the Lane administration, I can report the following observations and conclusions:

I. General observations and conclusions:

1)  The Lanes and their daughters, accept when away at college, lived year-round at Government House.

2)  Mrs. Lane is almost always referred to in the Evening Capital as "the wife of the
Governor." This changed in May, 1949, when "First Lady" Mrs. Harry S. Truman visited her in Annapolis for the Tercentenary celebrations and she was called the "First Lady of Maryland." (5/26/49).

3) A highlight of Mrs. Laneís tenure as First Lady of Maryland was "Tercentenary Week," a week-long celebration of the 300th anniversary of the founding of the city of Annapolis (See The Evening Capital, May 20-May 28, 1949). During the week, Mrs. Lane received Mrs. Bess Truman at Government House and sat with her in the reviewing stand for the Tercentenary parade. Mrs. Lane spent time in Annapolis with Mrs. Truman again in April, 1950, when Mrs. Truman spoke at a meeting of the Naval Academy Womanís Club (4/10/50, 4/12/50).

II. Summary of the contents of articles (dates of specific articles are in parentheses)

Mrs. Laneís social and political activities included:

The social and political activities of the Laneís as a couple included: Photocopies of the above-referenced articles and additional articles can be found in Mrs. Laneís file, 2/11/11/41.