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Josephine Ward Thomson Swann (ca. 1828-1906)
MSA SC 3520-2271
Wife of Thomas Swann, Governor of Maryland, 1866-1869


1. Sources for Mrs. Swann's birth give numerous years. We have chosen to use an esitmated year of 1828 as that matches her age in the 1850 and 1860 censuses. Her obituary and death certificate both say that she was 75 at the time of her death, giving her an estimated year of birth as 1830. This would mean she would have only been 15 at the time of her marriage in 1845. has her year of birth as 1820, however, no source is given and no year of birth is listed on the tombstone photo available. It is also unlikely that she was 25 at the time of her 1845 marriage, as the New York Herald noted that the married John R. Thomson "while still a young girl." ("The Swann-Thompson Marriage." New York Herald, 20 June 1878.)

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