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Jane Elizabeth McNamara Wilcox Hicks (ca. 1820-1860)
MSA SC 3520-2268
First Lady of Maryland, 1858-1860


1. As Jane Elizabeth McNamara, she was under the age of 21 in 1837 when involved in a Chancery Court suit concerning her father's property. Jane E. Wilcox is listed as 28 years old in the 1850 census. Jane E. Hicks is listed as 41 years old in the 1860 census.

2. CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers) George W. Flowers and wife vs. Jane E. McNamara, et al., 1837, MdHR 17,898-7821 [MSA S512-10-7820, 1/38/3/30] Jane Elizabeth McNamara, Francis Ann McNamara, and Sally Ann McNamara are all named in the suit as the heirs at law of William McNamara. All three were under the age of twenty-one at the time the lawsuit was filed.

3. DORCHESTER COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT (Equity Record) Thomas Webb vs. Martina Wilcox, Volume ER 6 & FJH 1 pp. 378-389 [MSA T1929-1, 3/17/11/1]; DORCHESTER COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT (Chattel Records) Bond Chaplain Hicks & Kate Stewart Hicks from Martina A. Wilcox, 1860, Volume FJH 2 Page 508 [MSA CM427-2, CR 37213-3]; 1860 census.

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6. Death notice. Annapolis Gazette, 5 July 1860; "Death of Mrs. Hicks." The Sun, 6 July 1860.

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