8. Richard Haden Gordon (5)(4) was born on Sep 6 1844 in Maury County, Tennessee. He died on Nov 26 1917 in New York City. Richard Haden Gordon enlisted in the Confederate Army as a private at the age of sixteen and fought at the first Battle of Bull Run and at Shiloh, rising to the rank of lieutenant. On October 28th, 1863, he was captured by federal forces and spent the remainder of the war in a federal prison camp on an island in Lake Erie. I have in my possession a picture of him taken in 1866 wearing the coat of his Confederate uniform. It is framed with the orders he was carrying when he was captured.

After the war he became a pharmacist and was president of the Tennessee State Board of Pharmacy for ten years. He was a member of the state legislature for many years. In the 1890's, after some of his children moved to New York, he moved there as well. He was a vice president of the Tennessee Society of New York and a major in the United Confederate veterans organization. He was married to Eleanora Cunningham on Oct 15 1868 in Nashville, Tennessee.

9. Eleanora Cunningham (6) was born on Oct 23 1843 in Nashville, Tennessee. She died on Oct 26 1908 in New York City. Children were:

child i. Ann McClelland Gordon died in 1872.
child ii. Carolyn "Caro" Gordon was born in Nashville, Tennessee.
child iii. George Cunningham Gordon was born in Nashville, Tennessee.
child4 iv. Richard Haden Gordon.
child v. Eleanora Gordon was born on Oct 2 1886 in Nashville, Tennessee.

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