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Margaret C. Schweinhaut (1903-1997)
MSA SC 3520-1948


Newspaper articles - (in chronological order)

Wharton, Carol.  "Ladies Of The Legislature Lead Double Lives During Session.The Evening Sun, 21 January 1955.

"Meet Maryland's Six Women State Legislators." The Baltimore American, 18 January 1959.

Brown, Dinah.  "Mrs. Schweinhaut Commends Effort.The Evening Sun, 18 November 1959.

Brown, Dinah.  "Mrs. Schweinhaut More Than Holds Her Own.The Evening Sun, 8 February 1960.

Geare, Mildred Kahler.  "Six Women Law Makers Urge Varied Sheaf Of Bills.The Baltimore American, 14 February 1960.

Wilner, Eleanor.  "Lady Legislator Leads Commission on Aging.The Baltimore American, 14 August 1960.

Armao, Jo-An.  "In Md., a Masterly 34 Years in Politics."  The Washington Post, 29 March 1989.

Smith, C. Fraser.  "Marylanders vote in primaries today: GOP feud, abortion among top issues." The Baltimore Sun, 11 September 1990.

Banisky, Sandy.  "Senate foes lose most battles in abortion war.The Baltimore Sun, 12 September 1990.

Levine, Susan.  "Margaret Schweinhaut, Friend to Elderly, Dies at 93.The Washington Post, 18 March 1997.

"Margaret C. Schweinhaut, 93, former state senator."  The Baltimore Sun, 19 March 1997.

"Margaret Schweinhaut, 93, longtime state senator.The Washington Times, 19 March  1997.

Books -

Frese, Diane P., ed.  Maryland Manual 1989-1990.  Annapolis:  The Maryland State Archives, 1989.

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