Death of Dr. C.C. Cox

    Dr. Christopher C. Cox died in Washin-
ington last Saturday night. He had
been in ill health for more than a year.
Dr. Cox was the sone of the late Rev. L.
J. Cox, and was born in Baltimore in
1816. He graduated at Yale College,
and afterwards at a Baltimore Medical
School. In 1843, he came to Easton,
and practiced medicine here until after
the war commenced. In 1859 he was a
candidate for Congress, running against
the late Judge Stewart, who was elect-
ed. In 1861 he as appointed surgeon
in the U.S. Army, and in 1862 was
made medical purveyor, which headquar-
ters in Baltimore. In 1863 he was
elected Lieutenant Governor of Mary-
land. In 1868 he was appointed pen-
sion commissioner. In 1869 he was
made professor of medical jurispru-
dence in Georgetown College. In 1871
he was made President of the Board of
Health in Washington. In 1879 he was
appointed by the President Commis-
sioner to represent the United States at
the Australian International Exposition.
He returned from Australia broken
dwon in health.
    Funeral services were held in Wash-
ington on Monday, and the remains
were brought to Easton and interred on
Tuesday in Spring Hill Cemetery.
Rev. Robert Wilson officiated. The
pall bearers were Dr. I.L. Adkins, Dr.
J.E. M. Chamberlaine, Dr. John C.
Earls, Gen. Richard Thomas, Mr. M.
M. Dawson and Mr. John W. Cheezum.
    A widow and three children survive
Dr. Cox. His son, Dr. L.C. Cox,
lives in California. One daughter mar-
ried Mr. Edward Dawson, and one is
unmarried. The eldest daughter mar-
ried Mr. Tench F. Tilghman. She died
having one son, who is now in New

The Easton Ledger
30 November 1882.