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Thomas Sim Lee (1745-1819)
MSA SC 3520-800
Governor of Maryland, 1779-1782, 1792-1794


Books  -

A Sidelight on History Being the Letters of James McHenry Aide-de-Camp of the Marquis de Lafayette to Thomas Sim Lee
        Governor of Maryland Written During the Yorktown Campaign 1781.  Privately printed 1931.

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        Johns Hopkins University Press, 1985, pp. 529-530.

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Articles -

Peabody, Helen Lee, ed., "Revolutionary Mail Bag: Governor Thomas Sim Lee's Correspondence, 1779-1782," Maryland Historical Magazine XLIX (1954), 1-20, 122-142, 223-237, and 314-331.

Archival Materials -

ANNAPOLIS MAYOR, ALDERMEN, AND COUNCILMEN (Proceedings) Corporation Proceedings, 1821-1826, p. 100, MdHR 5110 [MSA M47-17, 1/22/1/57].

FREDERICK COUNTY COURT (Land Records) Sale to Eliza D. Lee, 1806, Liber WR 29, p. 516-517, MSA C814-59, 1/38/7/13.

FREDERICK COUNTY COURT (Land Records) Manumission of Nelly, 1818, Liber JS 6, p. 544, MSA C814-84, 1/38/7/38.

FREDERICK COUNTY REGISTER OF WILLS (Inventories) Inventory of Thomas Sim Lee, 1819, Liber HS  4,  p. 120-131, MdHR 14,550 [MSA C807-15, 1/50/12/2].

FREDERICK COUNTY REGISTER OF WILLS (Wills) Will of Thomas Sim Lee, 1819, Liber HS 2, MdHR 40,285-8 [MSA C898-8 1/51/9/16].

FREDERICK COUNTY REGISTER OF WILLS (Wills, Original) Will of Thomas Sim Lee, 1819, MdHR 11,532-1154 [MSA C900-27, 1/51/10/36].

GOVERNOR AND COUNCIL (Test Book) Oaths of Fidelity, 1777-1782, p. 6, MdHR 2235 [MSA S1089-1, 2/26/5/1].

MARYLAND STATE PAPERS (Black Books) Thomas Sim Lee, Bond as Clerk of Prince George's County Court, 24 Mar 1767, Vol. 1, p. 61, MdHR 4619 [MSA S987-1, 1/6/3/15].

MARYLAND STATE PAPERS (Scharf Collection) Letter, Thomas Sim Lee to unknown, 26 Aug. 1794, MdHR 19,999-110-067  [MSA S1005-124-16690, 1/8/5/78].

Maryland State Archives SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (Biographical Files), Thomas Sim Lee File [MSA SC 3520-800, 02/11/12/46].

SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (Hamilton Lee Horsey Collection) Letter, George Washington (Mount Vernon) to Thomas Sim Lee, 17 Jan. 1773 [MSA SC 5362-1-1, RB/02/02/10].

SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (Hamilton Lee Horsey Collection) Letter, Maqruis de Lafayette to Thomas Sim Lee, 9 Mar. 1781 [MSA SC5362-1-2, RB/0202/10].

SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (Hamilton Lee Horsey Collection) Letter, George Washington (New Windsor) to Thomas Sim Lee, 22 Mar. 1781 [MSA SC 5362-1-3, RB/02/02/10].

SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (Rev. J. Columbia Costin Collection) Letters, typescript, Thomas Sim Lee to Ignatius Digges, 1771 [MSA SC 773, 00/09/09/05].

Votes and Proceedings of the House of Delegates, November Session, 1782. Archives of Maryland Online, [MSA SC M 3197].

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