LAND OFFICE (Patent Record), 1784-1787, IC #B, p. 606, MSA S 11-155.

Thomas Johnson Junior Esquire his Certificate 2000 Acres Thomas and Ann Patented 6th December 1786

Frederick County Sct. By virtue of a special warrant granted out of the Lord Proprietarys Land Office unto Thomas Johnson Junior Esquire of Anne Arundel County for two thousand acres of land, bearing date the 25th day of March 1774. I certify as Deputy Surveyor of Frederick County aforesaid, unbder his Excellency Robert Eden Esquire Governour of Maryland that I have carefully Surveyed and laid out for and on the name of him the said Thomas Johnson Junior, a tract or parcel of land lying and being in the county aforesaid Beginnning at four bounded white Oaks standing on the west side of McCullochs Road, in a large Glade commonly called and Known by the name of Murleys glade, which said white oaks, stand about north thirty three and an half degrees west one thousand and ninety five perches, from the mouth of the Little Youghyougany, it being the Beginning of Lord Baltimores Manor on the great glades, continuing seventeen thousand seven hundred and fifty acres and running thence north a_____ five degrees west one hundred and twenty perches north twenty seven degrees west eighty five perches, south twenty eight degrees west six hundred and one perches south eighty two degrees west one hundred and sixty nine perches south twelve and a half degrees west two hundred and seventeen perches south seventy six degrees east three hundred and twenty perches north three hundred and two perches east four hundred and eighty perches north eighteen and a half degrees east four hundred and forty seven perches, then with a straight line to the beginning contg. and now laid out for two thousand acres to be held of Monocacy Manor by the name of Thomas and Ann Surveyed the 9th April 1774.

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