Ms. 1656

Letters from Baker Johnson to Catherine (Kitty) Worthington Johnson:

Letter from William Lux to Baker Johnson, Feb. 3, 1773
addressed to Baker Johnson Esqr at Frederick Towne
about the sale of a slave and a court case which TJ, SC and JH were arguing for him against Mollesons

Montgomery Court House
Nov 10th 1784

My Dr Kitty

My promises to you , I do and shall always most Religiously adhere to

I write you at present not from being more desirous of fulfilling the engagements I made so to do, then the pleasure I have in it, as the only subsitute for Conversation

O my Kitty anxiously I do watch almost every moment as they glide on - wishing each to be the last that I might return to you, these are plain truths - and such I trust you know them to be

I should be unhappy did I think you expected me, to prefer Language and its imbellishments, to truth and sincerity the latter is my choice, and I hope and believe is yours; you may consequently expect to find the contents of my letters nothing more than the dictates of an affectionate Heart imbellished by Truth only, which must always make one so good as you are most happy

On my way up reflecting on my dear Kitty and how to make her most happy, I determined to alter the rout of her Plate and have wrote to Doctr Ridgely to send it by Water to Mr John Davidson - my principle reason was to prevent its being broosed which it probably might be by Jolting in the Stage as they drive fast, the Doctrs Letter to you will be under cover to Mr Davidson, who I know will take care that it gets safe to your hands, either of your Brothers can easily have the plate sent to you from Annapolis - tell your Brother Jack, the day I got to Court, I forwarded his letter and the money to your Brother the Doctr, by a Mr White of Geo. Town a Gentleman on whom I could depend, and I further wrote him as you and I had agreed, your Brother returned this morning from Mrs Ridgely's he had been to attend Mrs Deakins up and I suppose to see Miss Lydey, but this is conjecture only, I have no authority for it - My dear Kitty how happy should I be, to receive if but a line from you, I know you Papa, your Brothers or my old friend, S. Chase would for my sake gladly inclose it, think of me, think of me in my absence, think how tenderly I love you, and you can not avoid affording me that pleasure, which I candidly acknowledge to be great -

present me in the most affectionate manner to all the Circle of my Acquaintance and believe me to be -

My dearest Kitty
unalterably Yr Affecto
Br Johnson

addressed to Miss Kitty Worthington

[ca. 1785-6]

My dearest Kitty

I intended to have gone home this Evening to have seen you and your dear little _____tling, but the Count has yet postponed the business that I ought to be very attentive to, and therefore it will not be right in me to leave it

I dined with Mr Chase today Mrs Chase _._. intends (if tomorrow is good) to go out and see you, therefore Casper must come in early with your Horse and our Keaton, I am pretty well, and pretty much engaged, kiss my dear little Kitty give my love to all the family, and be assured I am no where so happy as when with you

I'm my dearest Kitty
yr Tender and Affectionate
Br Johnson

addressed to Mrs. Ca. Johnson

[ca. 1790]

My dearest Kitty

I have not been so well as I wished and I have kept Casper until after Dinner with an intention of going out, but as my business must be done, I had best stick to it and have an end to it as soon as I can - Casper takes you 4 Yds. of Callico for my dear little Nicholas's Rapper, + I send you two pr of thread stockings to have marked for me - Mrs Davidson after enquiring very particularly after you said if she could get a Horse she would go out and see you on Sunday from the intimacy I ______ between use, I would say that she should be welcome to your Carriage and Horses, I know that we are troublesome with our Company to that good old Mother of ours, but we must make it up to her some way, if Brother Chas. should go tomorrow give my Love to him, + tell him I wish him every happiness in this Life - kiss my little ones give my love to the rest of the family + believe me Yr affecto

Br Johnson

addressed to Mrs. Ca. Johnson

[ca. 1790]

My dear Kitty

Mrs Chase and Mrs Ridgely purpose to spend tomorrow with your Mama and the Girls - I will therefore thank you to send Ludowick in very early in the Morning with our Keaton, tell Mama that I will be up and at Markett early and will (if it is to be had) send her some good Fish to help out with her Dinner, should there be any thing else that she wants + I can get you must let me know

Lad. takes her Barrell of Flower + the Hand Disquiet,

Yrs Sincerely
Br Johnson
Sunday morning

take care of my dear Children

addressed to Mrs. Ca. Johnson

Balt. 10th Novr 96

This my dear Kitty will be handed you by our faithfull old andr who is preparing as fast as he can to set off, I got down in tolerable time to the Miles the night I left home, and the next day to Town by 9 Oclock, since then I have been constantly on the run, and have procured some of the articles you wished, I have sent you a handsome Carput that is approved by all who look at it, but my Kitty it cost me much money, and you must make it last a great while, I have seen many looking Glasses but have not been able to please myself on them, I have annexed at the Bottom the T___s sent, I think it probable I shall be able to get home about Wednesday night, unless detained by the sale, therefore it will be best to look for me only when you see me - as yet I have not been able to wait on any of my acquaintances in the Lady way, I dine today at Mr Hoffmans + intend to Mr Bowleys tonight kiss my sweet little dear Babes and take the greatest care of yourself and them-

I'm my dearest Kitty
Yr Sincere and Affecto
Br Johnson

addressed to Mrs. Coto. Johnson

1803 letter addressed to Mrs. Coto. Johnson, Frederick Town

1803 letter addressed to Mrs. Coto. Johnson, near the Markett, Frederick Town

1809 letter addressed to Mrs. Coto. Johnson, Frederick Town

no date - letter addressed to Mrs. Coto. Johnson, Frederick Town, care of Mr. Blackford

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