Ms. 1604

Papers written by the late Mr. James Johnson, nephew of Gov. Johnson of M.D., and presented by him to the Society

"Eden, the last Proprietary Governor of Maryland, was very much beloved and respected by the Annapolitans. Long before the Motion by Richard Henry Lee to declare the United States Independent, Governor Eden went to Charles Carroll Barrister, one of the most distinguished Patriots of the day, and requested him to invite Mr. Johnson the first Republican Governor of the State, Mr. Chase, and other leading Characters of the Revolutionary Party to dine with him at the Government House."

  • Carroll was embarrassed to do so, so Johnson suggested that Carroll invite people to Carroll's house
  • at dinner, Gov. Eden asked - "Gentlemen I understand that Congress is about forming an alliance with France to procure men and Money to Carry on the war wuth Great Britain."
  • Johnson said he would answer if Eden would answer this - "Sir we understand that the King your master is subsidizing the Hessians to come over and cut our throats, I have no objections to giving each other bloody noses and be friends again, but the first Hessian that sets his foot on the shores of America I am absolved from all allegiance to the King of Great Britain"
  • Chase said "I am for declaring the United States independent"
  • Both Johnson and Eden said both things were true
  • Eden threw down his knife and fork and would not eat another mouthful



    James Johnson wrote his account in 1847

    More notes from the James Johnson collection were photocopied and are in the paper files. I have not transcribed them yet.

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