Newspaper Abstracts

The Maryland Gazette, 1727-1761, by Karen Mauer Green

Thomas Johnson-

Thursday, 5 April 1753, No. 413: Thomas Johnson has a stray gelding at his plantation in Frederick County between the Mountains.

Thursday, 11 November 1756, No. 601: Thomas Johnson, junior, has a stray mare at his plantation in Frederick County.

29 October 1761, No. 860: Mary Woodward, by virtue of the will of Henry Woodward, dec'd, will hold an estate sale at Mr. Gassaway's house in Annapolis. She will sell the dwelling house now occupied by William Woodward in Annapolis, except the improvements leased to Mr. Couden and Mr. Chalmers. She'll also sell the lease of the houses now occupied by James Chalmers and Robert Couden. Also 800 acres about 5 miles from Annapolis, purchased by Mr. Woodward from his sisters, Mary and Elizabeth Woodward, and from the late Col. Tasker, on part of which is the late Gov. Braden's Vineyard. Apply to Thomas Johnson, junior, in Annapolis.

5 November 1761, No. 861: TJ elected from Anne Arundel County

Mrs. Jennings

Wednesday, 19 June 1751, No. 321: Mrs. Jennings, in Annapolis, reports a stray or stolen horse.

Rebecca Sanders

Thursday 2 April 1752, No. 362: Mrs. Rebecca Sanders, aged 75 years, wife of Robert Sanders, sen., died on Thursday, 19 March 1752, at her house on South River Neck. She was married for 56 years. She lived to see her fourth generation.

Thomas Jennings:

Tuesday, 15 July 1746, No. 64: Thomas Jennings, at the Land Office in Annapolis, has a plantation for rent.

Wednesday, 18 May 1748, No. 160: A house belonging to Thomas Jennings in Annapolis collapsed last Monday as the carpenters were removing it.

Wednesday, 3 January 1750, No. 245: An account of information taken by Thomas Jennings from Dorothy Gale, a transport in the Thames Frigate, Capt. Dobbins, that one of the servant women killed another while the ship lay off Annapolis. Capt. Darby Lux, a Magistrate, states in a letter to John Brice if Annapolis that the report is utterly groundless.

Wednesday, 14 March 1750, No. 255: Thomas Jennings, in Annapolis, has land for sale near Little Manockasy, in Frederick County, called Inverness.

Thursday, 4 November 1756, No. 600: James Long, at the house of Thomas Jennings, near Annapolis, has a stray mare in his possession.

Thursday, 18 November 1756, No. 602: A notice, by order of the Anne Arundel County Court, to any person who will take Susanna Howard, who was born in Virginia, to the place of her nativity about 45 miles from Alexandria. Apply to Thomas Jennings or John Brice.

Thursday, 6 April 1758, No. 674: Thomas Jennings, Jonas Green, John Stevens and Richard Mackubin, all in Anne Arundel County, will resurvey a tract of land called "Maidenstone", on the east side of Broad Creek, in a neck called Broad Neck, on the north side of the Severn River, now occupied by Mrs. Mary Boone, widow.

Thursday, 30 August 1759, No. 747: Thomas Jennings, Chief Clerk of the Land Office and for many years the Commission of the Peace for Anne Arundel County, died last Sunday in Annapolis, "after a tedious and lingering Indisposition".

Thursday, 8 November 1759, No. 757: Rebecca Jennings, administratrix of the estate of Thomas Jennings, late of Annapolis, dec'd, regarding the estate settlement and sale

Thursday, 27 November 1760, No. 812: A horse strayed or was stolen from Baltimore Town. He formerly belonged to Thomas Jennings in Annapolis.

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