Newspaper Abstracts

Abstracts of the Newspapers of Georgetown and the Federal City, 1789-1799, compiled by F. Edward Wright


Georgetown D.C. Weekly Ledger, July 28, 1792: Conrad Hogmire has laid out a town by the name of Salem, for the convenience of a new German settlement, nr the Great Glades, on the route from Fort Cumberland to Clarkesburgh and Muskingum, about 50 miles from Cumebrland; recommended to the attention of German mechanicks, who may get lots of Abraham Hoddring and Peter Elyart, living nr the premises; Col. William Deakins, George Town; Col. Baker Johnsonm in Frederick town, or subscriber, Conrad Hogmire, nr Hager's Town

Columbian Chronicle, February 25, 1794: Baker Johnson, Frederick Town seeks to employ waggoner, blacksmith, and shoe-maker


Washington Gazette, April 26, 1797: Ben. Johnson, Etna Glass Works, nr Frederick Town, offers reward for negro Jack Anderson, 25-30, bought from Mrs. Adams, nr Bladensburg, about 3 yrs ago by John I. Spencer and by him sold to Robert Johnson, then living in the City of when I bought him; he has a wife at Dr. Stewart's nr Alexandria


65 - Charles-Town?

264- Tax delinquent


The Centinel of Liberty, or George-town and Washington Advertiser, April 25, 1797: Walter Hellen, agent to Joshua Johnson of London, requests claims against him re shipment of tobacco be settled

Centinel of Liberty, or Georgetown and Washington Advertiser, October 8, 1799: Sheriff's sale at Mrs. Boucher's, within half a mile of Rock Creek Church, 65 1/2 a. conveyed by Nathan Lanham to John Thomas Boucher, decd; also 3.6 a. conveyd to said Boucher by James White, jun., taken at the suit of Charles Wallace, Joshua Johnson, and John Muir.


Columbian Chronicle, July 17, 1795: T. Johnson, Jr., Post-master, City of Washington, has opened the Post Office at his house on F St, north Square No. 253, east of the President's Square

Columbian Chronicle, July 28, 1795: Notice given that the sundry lots advertised by Owen M'Dermott Roe, lot No. 1, in square 254, is not yet paid for by Cornelius M'Dermott Roe - T. Johnson, Jr.

The Georgetown Times and Patomack Packet, November 25, 1789: Patomack Co - Thomas Johnson, Pres; John Fitzgerald, George Gilpin, Directors

The Georgetown Times and Patomack Packet, July 6, 1791: Thomas Johnson, David Stuart, Daniel Carroll, Commissioners, appointed to sell a number of lots in the Federal City as sites for public buildings to be erected for establishing the seat of government of the United States

Georgetown D.C. Weekly Ledger, July 2, 1791: Thomas Johnson, David Stuart, and Daniel Carroll, commissioners appointed by act to establish the temporary and permanent seat of the Government

Georgetown D.C. Weekly Ledger, August 24, 1793: Commissioners will pull down the wooden houses of the offenders who retail spiritous liquors in city of Wash without licenses in wooden buildings - Thomas Johnson, David Stuart, Daniel Carroll, Comms.

Columbian Chronicle, May 10, 1796: 6500 a. in Allegany Co for sale adj prop of Benjamin Stoddert, Gustavus Scott, and Thomas Johnson

The Centinel of Liberty, or George-town and Washington Advertiser, January 4, 1799: tax delinquent

The Centinel of Liberty, or George-town and Washington Advertiser, March 1, 1799: John Davidson, surviving adm of Thomas Johnson, Jun., decd, George Town, to sell at the dwelling house of late Thomas Johnson, Jr., decd, pers prop of said Johnson

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