Suzanne Ellery Greene

An Illustrated History of Baltimore

(Woodland Hills, California: Windsor Publications, 1980)

Available in PDF and HTML format by chapter:

Chapter I: Beginnings: 1608-1773 (PDF and HTML)

Chapter II: War, Peace, and War Again: 1773-1814 (PDF and HTML)

Chapter III: A City Divided: 1814-1865 (PDF and HTML)

Chapter IV: Reconciliation and Growth: 1865-1917 (PDF and HTML)

Chapter V: National Crises and Urban Renaissance: 1917-1980 (PDF and HTML)

Chapter VI: The Surviving Past (PDF and HTML)

Chapter VII: Partners In Progress (PDF and HTML)

Bibliography (PDF and HTML)

Index (PDF and HTML)

Illustrations Credits (PDF and HTML)

©Suzanne Ellery Greene 2/9/1997