Planning Documents

Program and Specifications. Maryland State Archives, December 1974. (Addresses need for additional space).

Program and Specifications. Maryland State Archives, April 1980. (Addresses total space needs of the Archives and resulted the construction of the new Hall of Records in 1986, a building that included the largest installation to that time of compact shelving for archival material, and which was in both construction and equipment completed for $1.5 million dollars less than its $8.9 million dollar appropriation. Subsequently served as a paid consultant for the building of the Missouri State Archives).

Annual Report for Fiscal Years 1978- . (Addresses the operational needs of the Maryland Archives and is distributed at the budget hearings before the Governor and the Legislature).

contributed to, and member of the taskforce for Treasures of the Past, Resources for the Future: A Preservation Plan for Maryland's Library and Archival Collections by the Task Force to Initiate Preservation Planning in Maryland, Douglas P. McElrath, project coordinator, 1994.

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