Papers, Speeches, Lectures

"Archival Sampling: An Unacceptable Method of Preserving Records." A paper presented at the 1975 annual meeting of the Society of American Archivists in Philadelphia.

"The Records of Public Officials." A paper presented at the Annual meeting of the Southern Historical Association, Atlanta, Georgia, November 11, 1976.

Comments on "Finding Aid Programs" in Report on the Conference on Automated Guide Projects sponsored by the National Association of State Archives and Records Administrators, July 19-20, 1977, St. Louis, Missouri.

"Legal Aspects of Recent Replevin Efforts in Maryland." Paper presented at the Annual meeting of the Society of American Archivists in Salt Lake City, Utah, October 5, 1977.

"Maryland History and the Beginning of Trade with China (1785)" a translated briefing and exhibit for the visiting delegation from Anhui Province, China, September 10, 1979.

"The Tale of Two Families, The Randalls and the Butlers: An Adventure in Reconstructing Family History." A lecture in the Explorations in the Walters series, Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, Maryland, November 28, 1979.

"The Records of Maryland's Trade, 1775-1795: An Appraisal." paper read at the 1979 Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association and to be published as the introduction to a Guide to Naval Office Records in the Hall of Records.

"Archival Automation: The View from a State Archives." Paper presented at the University of Maryland College of Library and Information Services Symposium on Archival Automation, April 25-26, 1980.

"Public Records and Replevin in Maryland." An address to the Annual Meeting of The Manuscript Society, May 23, 1980.

briefings on Maryland history and government for visiting Chinese and Japanese delegations, translated for general distribution, in 1980 and again in 1981.

"Intrinsic Value of Records as an Appraisal Tool," paper given at Fall 1981 meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference.

Keynote address to the Maryland Historical Trust and the Society for the Preservation of Maryland Antiquities, on "Maryland History: Research and Revision," November 7, 1981.

Illustrated talk on Charles Wilson Peale's Annapolis for the 18th Century Studies conference at the Naval Academy, October 1984.

Illustrated talk on the mystery of the Maryland Charter Manuscript known as the "Houghton Manuscript," for the Baltimore Bibliophiles, May 1987.

Illustrated talk on the Ratification of the Treaty of Paris in Annapolis, given at several locations in the State during bicentennial in 1984.

Illustrated lecture on the "Historiography of Early Maryland: From Avocation to Occupation," given at several locations in 1984 and 1985.

Illustrated lecture on "The House on Francis Street [Annapolis]" given on several occasions, beginning in 1977.

Illustrated lecture on "The Annapolis Convention" given on several occasions, beginning in 1986.

Illustrated lecture on "The Amending Fathers' given on several occasions beginning in 1987.

Lecture on "Baltimore: 'Mob Town' or 'Crucible for Democracy?," Contemporary Club, November 1987.

Paper on "Changing Perceptions of Representation in Maryland, 1765-1800" at the OAH Annual Meeting, April 1989.

Illustrated lecture on "Bernard Christian Steiner, Maryland Historian Extraordinaire" for the Steiner Memorial Lecture, the Maryland Historical Society, November 1989.

Talk on "Three Centuries of Creative Financing in Maryland" for the 22nd Conference of Northeast State Treasurers, June 1990.

Series of Lectures with noted Ecologist Charles Stein on the historical context of the rivers of Maryland featuring the Potomac, the Susquehanna, and the Pocomoke, 1991-1993

Robert H. McCauley Lecture, Washington County Free Library, on sources for the history of Western Maryland at the Maryland State Archives, November 1991. Banquet speaker, Maryland Genealogical Society, "Genealogists, Archivists and Historians, with apologies to mark Twain and Dave Berry," March 1992.

Banquet speaker for the Annual Meeting of the Eastern Historical Geography Association, October 1992.

Lecture on "The World of Philip Calvert," to the Friends of St. Mary's City, April 1993.

Keynote address to the National Genealogical Society, June 1993.

Address to the H. L. Mencken Society on "H. L. Mencken as Spokesman for the Republican Party," September 1993. Lecture to the Association of Documentary Editors on the use of Documentary editions in the classroom, October 1993.

Lectures to law classes and lawyers on the decision in the Marquardt Case, February and March 1994.

Remarks to the Maryland Senate. First Citizen Award ceremonies, February 17, 1995 and February 7, 1996.

Speech at a Special Joint Session of the Maryland General Assembly, February 28, 1995

Remarks to the Maryland House of Delegates on the historical importance of the Mace and the Great Seal of Maryland which are incorporated into the design of the Speaker's Medallion, on the occasion of the award of the Speaker's Medallion

Remarks at opening of exhibit of portraits of Maryland's First Ladies and Official Hostesses in Government House, March 29, 1995

Remarks at unveiling of portrait of Spiro Agnew in Maryland State House, April 13, 1995

Commencement Address at University of Maryland College of Information Services (CLIS), May 19, 1995

Talk at Chesapeake Maritime Museum, St. Michaels, October 31, 1995

Tenth Annual Archer Memorial Lecture, co-sponsored by the Historical Society of Harford County and the Harford Community College, November 5, 1995

Annual M.L.A. Faculty Lecture at The Johns Hopkins University, November 12, 1995

Speech to the Society of the Ark and Dove, November 19

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