Introductions, Forewords, and Interviews

foreword to Geographical Perspectives on Maryland's Past, University of Maryland Occasional Papers in Geography, No. 4, April 1979.

"A Sense of Time and Place," foreword to Maryland Time Exposures 1840-1940, by Mame Warren and Marion E. Warren, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1984.

contributed (with Professor Robert Mitchell) to the article on Maryland in the World Book Encyclopedia, 1988.

foreword in The Eye of the Beholder, a catalogue of the exhibit of the photographs of Marion Warren (Annapolis: Maryland State Archives, 1989).

foreword to From Slavery to Salvation. Tbe Autobiography of Rev. Thomas W. Henry of the A.M.E. Church, by Jean Libby. (Jackson: University of Mississippi, 1994).

interview with Barbara Sarudy in the April 1994 Maryland Humanities Newsletter

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