R Washington, Andrew Jackson, Geo H Groom,
Charles Doreey, Joseph Warren, Wm. H Fisher
Charles Hackett
Galileans No 2 of Washington
Ragain's Band,
Numbering 65 men Dress, black suits, high hats, regalia, &c.
Tenth Ward Republican Association,
Numbering sixty men, Lewis Johnson D G M. This Club carried a banner upon which was painted a portrait of W. Lloyd Garrison and the following "The Liberator has at last been heard." The pioneer men were dressed in black pants and red shirts and the rest of the members in black pants and blue shirts.
National Wide Awakes of 1870
Numbering seventy five men and pre[ce]ded by Dav[a] dge's Brass Band. Men dressed in blue shirts open in front, with white undershirt dress red neck ties, white belts with red initials (NWA) and black pants. In this Association was a barouche containing eight aged colored men -- men who had waited long and anxiously for such a day as the one enjoyed yesterday. One of the banners of the Club represented the likeness of Grant and Lincoln. The Club was in charge of Frank Johnson, Marshal, ant Le Dorel Chapman.
Sixth Ward Loyalists
This Club made a very creditable appearance, and upon its banner was inscribed 'Let Soldiers in War be Citizens in Peace,’ "In God we Trust ’ The Club also carried a large American flag.
Charles C Fulton Club
Tbe C C Fulton Club followed. They were dressed in white shirts, with blue collars, black pantaloons, and Melton hats. They carried pioneer axes, bearing the name of C C Fulton.
Fairmount Keystone Base Ball Club,
An organization of young colored men from the Sixth ward clad in black pants trimmed with yellow and white shirts. Two of the members were costumed as Indians. This club carried a representation of a balloon, upon which was inscribed 'U Print that and Bal loon Boys."
Sixth Ward Freemen Club
Black pants, red shirts, bee hive painted upon a banner and the words, "No Drones in the Hive." A large burgee with the names of Grant and Colfax upon it.
Evening Star Beneficial Association, No. 1
Black suits high hats and star on coat red white and blue rosettes. This Association numbered fifty men, was from the Tenth ward and in charge of Rob’t Proctor, Marshal, and Wm. H Dorsey, Deputy Marshal
Young Men's Christian Association
An Association numbering sixty men belonging to the Tenth ward. Dress - Black suit, high hats, White sash with blue trimmings.
Samuel M Evans Club, Seventh Ward
This was a fine body of men and attracted considerable attention. It numbered seventy five, and was dressed as follows. White shirts, blue collars and lapels black belts, belt plate with coat of arms of the State engraved thereon, black pants, Leghorn hats The organization carried a banner upon which was painted a correct likeness of the gentleman after whom the Club was named. The Club also had in its keeping a wagon upon which had been erected a monument the sides of which were embellished with portraits of Lincoln, Stanton, Winter Davis aud Thaddeus Stevens. The inscriptions were "With malice towards none and charity for all" - Lincoln, ‘Lived and died for his country" - Stanton "The iron hand that held Maryland to her allegiance" Davis, "Outer pickets of the Republican party" - Stevens