Brickmakers Aid Society, in Regalia
Baltimore Colored Journeymen Brickmakers' Association
Auxiliary No 1
Uniform - Black pantaloons and yellow shirts, with badges and decorations
Barouches containing the Directory of the Chesapeake and Marine Railway and Dry Dock Company
Barouche containing Second Ward Committee of Arrangements
Barouche containing Third Ward Executive Committee
Good Will Association, Second Ward Headed by the Independent Drum Corps No 1,
In gray uniform
Wagon draped in bunting with a revolving globe and banner bearing the inscription, "Time from 61 to 70-Roll on Good Will, Roll on."
Banner with portrait of Lincoln and the famous quotation from his last inaugural - "With malice towards none, with charity for all."
Sailors Beneficial Society
Uniforms - Black suits and glazed caps, Blue velvet regalia and collars with lace and the emblems of the Society.
Seventh Regiment Cornet Band
Fifth Ward Sumner and Wilson Club
Boys in white shirts, blue pants and white caps Wagon on which was mounted a miniature temple of Liberty with a goddess sitting under the canopy, draped ra the "Star spangled Banner." Four boys were stationed at the pillars of the temple supporting the goddess. On each side was a portrait of Lincoln with motto "Our Liberator." Wagons draped in bunting and trimmed with evergreens containing girls dressed in white and carrying small flags Printing press mounted on a wagon from which small sheets containing the text of tbe Fifteenth Amendment were struck and distributed to the crowd as the procession moved along.
Wagon containing tinners at work.
Second Division
John C Jordan Esq Division Marshal Right Aid, Wm. Jas Gray, Left Aid Jehu Carmack
Alfred J Baily Cyrus M Diggs, Wm J Hopkins,