The day was all that could be desired. In the morning the sky was overcast but the clouds soon cleared away, and throughout the whole afternoon there was a clear sky and a cool breeze. At an early hour the diferent organizations were in motion marching to the place of forming in the eastern part of the city. The Divisions formed on Broadway and then marched over the route as laid down in the programme.

The Procession
Platoon of Police
Detachment of Staff Officers Mounted

A Wagon Draped in Bunting, on which was mounted a large bell which was rung as the procession moved along. Above the bell was a banner with the inscription --

"Ring out the old
Ring in the new
Ring out the false
Ring in the true."

Twenty carriages containing Distinguished Guests.

The following named gentlemen were among those in the carriages.
No 1 -- C C Fulton, Samuel N Evans, Wm. J Albert and H Maynard
No 2 -- Frederick Douglass, J S Martin, H J Brown Master of Ceremonies, George Myers Chairman Executive Committee.
No 3 -- General W B Stokes General Heath Hon John L Thomas Jr aud Rev. Mr. Ware.
No 4 -- John M Langston, Dean of Howard University and Professor of Law, Rev H H Webb, Isaac Myers Chairman of Mass Meeting, Colonel A Ward Handy of Executive Committee.
No 5 -- W E Matthews Secretary of Mass Meeting, Collins Ciuso John T Johnson aud Senator Stevenson of Virginia
No 6 -- A Stirling Jr, H L Bond, Geo C Maund and General A E King
No 7 -- William T Henderson W H Shipley Mr Shecklus and E Y Goldsborougb United States Marshal.
No 8 -- Alexander Walton, Edington Fulton, Robert M Proud and John McGarigle.
Following these were carriages containing the several Committees of Arrangement
Rising Sun Commandery of the Knights Templar, a splendid corps of men in the full regalia of the Order
Excelsior Cornet Band from Philadelphia
Company A Lincoln Zouaves in uniform and armed, Lieutenant A 0 Carroll, commanding.
Company B Lincoln Zouaves, in uniform and armed Captain Thomas commanding.
Oakmen Invincibles in uniform and armed, Captain John H Miller commanding.
Marshal in Chief
Colonel William U Saunders
Right Aid Hiram Watty, Left Aid Capt R M Piper
Chief of Staff
Captain Isidore D. Oliver
Signal Officer
Daniel K Jackson
Two hundred Staff Officers, wearing sashes and regalia and finely mounted
Bond Loyal Guards, a mounted cavalry company Draymen and Carters of the West End a large association mounted
Barouche containing members of the Executive Committee
Metropolitan Hook and Ladder Company (Washington) The uniform of this fine company was black pantaloons, red shirts and glazed hats. They had with them in line one of their hose carriages.
First Division Colonel Greenbury D Martin, Division Marshal
Right Aid Adam Warfield, Left Aid, John H Pratt
Samuel Murray Alexander Allen, William Davis
Jacob A. Seaton William Chester John Tubman
Jos Cooper Jr John F White Isaiah Fowler,
John W Banks Thomas Chester, Isaiah Cooper
Boyers Band
Humane Lodge No 1411, Odd Fellows in the full regalia of the Order and carrying the emblems
Mount Nebo Lodge, NO 1366, Odd Fellows in fill regalia
Mannassah Lodge No 1214, Odd Fellows in full regalia.
Mount Lebanon Lounge No 1,866 Odd Fellows, in full regalia.
The Odd fellows were a very important feature of the procession and made an imposing appearance.
Mount Lebanon Lodge Independent Order of Good Samaritans -- Banner with inscription "Love Purity and Truth."
Western Chapel Lodge Independent Order of Good Samaritans
Carriage containing Past Grand Masters of the Independent Order of Good Samaritans.
William W. Davis Lodge, No 714 Odd Fellows
Crystal Fount Lodge No 1061 Odd Fellows
Morning Star of the East Club
Banner with picture of Senator Revels shaking hands with the Goddess of Liberty.
Live Oak Club headed by Washington Band.
The members of this Association wore gray shirts and black pantaloons and carried with them the emblems of the craft.
"Triumphant," a full rigged ship on wheels, manned by four sailors and nine boys.
Barouches containing the officers of the Club.
Caulker's Trade Union Society.
Banner with the inscription "Manifestation of gratitude to our friends."
Sailors from the United States Revenue Cutter Northerner" in sailors' blue
Independent Pioneer Corps
From Fifth ward, Washington Uniform -- red shirts, black pantaloons, and white gloves armed with axes
"Wise Men of the East,"
A beneficiary Association with a banner bearing the inscription, "Where is He that was born King of the Jews, for we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him."
East Baltimore Laborers' Association
In the regalia of the Order with banner and motto, "Temperance exalteth a nation."