Celebrating Rights and 
Baltimore & the Fifteenth Amendment, May 19, 1870
An Interactive Historical Investigation by David Troy 1996
Frederick Douglass spoke of gaining first the "cartridge box," and then the "ballot box." Blacks generally felt that if they were to be asked to defend the country, the country should give it the right to participate in government as well. Take a good look at this double-sworded man, leading a charge against a white man. This is a violent image, and one that suggests an undercurrent of dislike for the white establishment -- particularly democrats -- who would rather blacks did not participate in government at all.

Inscription: "We will protect our country as it defends our rights." This could almost be rephrased as, "We will protect our country if it defends our rights."

The figure pictured could easily be Martin Delany.

 1996 David C. 
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