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MSA S 1432

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
710: William Blair vs. Josiah P. Turner. SM. Title
to Fox, Davis Forrest, Scotland, Strife, Vowlis
Addition, Hatfield Hills.
Accession No: 17,898-710. MSA S512-733   1/35/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
2311A: Henrietta Hammond vs. John Thomas Hammond.
AA. Petition to sell Leonards Neck.
Accession No: 17,898-2311A. MSA S512-2402   1/36/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
4179: John Polk, Jeremiah F. Kinney, and Meshack
Elliott vs. John Neal. DO. Mortgage foreclosure on
Griffiths Neck.
Accession No: 17,898-4179. MSA S512-4302   1/37/1/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5250: Mary Usher, John P. Usher, Elizabeth S.
Usher, Thomas Usher, William Shaw, and Ann Maria
Shaw vs. Thomas Jackson and William Bowen. BA.
Injunction against obstruction of Old York Road.
Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record) 151, p. 36A.
Accession No: 17,898-5250-1/3. MSA S512-5378   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5917: Thomas S. Alexander, Samuel Maynard, and
Anne Hicks vs. Walter Cross and Thomas R. Cross.
AA. Insolvent estate of Walter Cross - lot in
Accession No: 17,898-5917. MSA S512-6006   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5920: Thomas S. Alexander, Benjamin Mulliken,
Jeremiah Mulliken, John Contee, and Nathan Waters
of Henry vs. William Gwynn, Joseph King, Jr., and
Benjamin H. Mulliken. BA, PG. Injunction against
execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-5920-1/2. MSA S512-6009   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
5982: Ellen S. Aisquith vs. Henry Aisquith. AA.
Appointment of trustee for Henry Aisquith.
Accession No: 17,898-5982. MSA S512-6068   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6041: John Arnold, Rebecca Arnold, Elijah
Rockhold, Susan Rockhold, Elizabeth Rockhold, John
Rockhold, Georgiana Rockhold, Ellen Rockhold,
Sophia Rockhold, George W. Linsted, John Fowler,
Susan Fowler, Orlander Linsted, Kindsey Tydings,
Mary Tydings, William Linsted, Ann Elizabeth
Linsted, Mary Jane Linsted, Mary Ann Heath, John
Heath, Joshua Heath, Julia Ann Heath, Robert
Heath, and Elizabeth E. Heath vs. Robert Heath and
Ann Heath. AL. Petition to sell Felicity, Military
Lots 2538, 2579, and 2581.

Accession No: 17,898-6041. MSA S512-6127   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6071: Thomas S. Alexander, Samuel Maynard, and
Anne Hicks vs. Thomas R. Cross. AA. Mortgage
foreclosure on Hammonds Plains.
Accession No: 17,898-6071. MSA S512-6155   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6074: Ann Archer and Joshua Green vs. Benjamin
Silver, Rebecca Silver, David Silver, Robert
Silver, and Margaret Silver. HA. Mortgage
foreclosure on Marys Lot. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 151, p. 233.
Accession No: 17,898-6074. MSA S512-6158   1/37/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6235: James A. Magruder and Milicent Magruder. PG.
Trust estate under will of William Beans - lot in
Upper Marlboro. Recorded (Chancery Record) 160, p.
Accession No: 17,898-6235-1/5. MSA S512-6307   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6269: Andrew Bruce vs. Brice W. Howard. AL.
Appointment of trustee for Howard.
Accession No: 17,898-6269. MSA S512-6337   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6277: Samuel H. Beall vs. James Deale, Sr., and
James Deale, Jr. AA. Estate of Jacob Franklin.
Accession No: 17,898-6277. MSA S512-6345   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6280: George Barber, John T. Barber, William
Rawlings, and Jane Rawlings vs. Susan Barber and
Gustavus Barber. AA. Petition to sell lot in
Annapolis. Recorded (Chancery Record) 151, p. 258.
Accession No: 17,898-6280. MSA S512-6348   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6293: Dennis H. Battee and John Hurst vs. John
McNeill, Jr. and Meshack Frost. AL. Mortgage
foreclosure on lot in Frostburg. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 152, p. 51.
Accession No: 17,898-6293. MSA S512-6361   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6312: Lewis H. Brown. AA, BA. Petition to
partition Browns Inheritance, Johns Chance,
Everets Progress, Perserverence, Piney Falls,
Hunters Chance, Dorseys Dilemma, Turkey Thickett
in BA. Also Mount Misery, Joshuas Grove, Joshuas
Addition, Bowdens Folly, Rebeccas Lot, Good
Neighborhood, Contentment, Mount Altney,
Prestidges Folly in AA. Plat.

Accession No: 17,898-6312-1/2. MSA S512-6377   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6386: Eden Beall vs. John Cook and James B. Beall.
MO. Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-6386-1/2. MSA S512-6449   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6388: Nicholas Brewer, Jr. vs. Patrick N.
O'Reilly. AA. Petition to sell William and Marys
Chance. Recorded (Chancery Record) 151, p. 675.
Accession No: 17,898-6388. MSA S512-6451   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6391: Andrew Bruce vs. Edward McCarty, Isaac
McCarty, Mary Mosley, William Armstrong, Elizabeth
Armstrong, Isaac Parsons, Rebecca Parsons,
Fielding A. Penell, Sarah Penell, Edward C.
McCarty, Greenup Bird, Eleanor Bird, Isaac W.
McCarty, Michael P. McCarty, Robert McCarty,
Charles McCarty, and James McCarty. AL. Mortgage
foreclosure on Black Oak Bottom. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 153, p. 423.

Accession No: 17,898-6391. MSA S512-6454   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6398: George G. Belt vs. Charles Mayer and L.
Helms. BA. Insolvent estate of Lewis Helms.
Accession No: 17,898-6398. MSA S512-6461   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6403: Jacob Biddle vs. William Smith and Thomas
Bradley. CE. Contract to furnish stone to New
Castle & Frenchtown Railroad.
Accession No: 17,898-6403. MSA S512-6464   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6546: Michael Becker and Elizabeth Becker vs.
Catherine Wentz, Mary Wentz, Susan Wentz, Rachel
Wentz, Elizabeth Wentz, George Wentz, Charles
Wentz, Samuel Wentz, Jacob Wentz, Jacob Wentz of
Adam, John Swartzbaugh, John Bentz, Catherine
Bentz, Samuel Schaffer, Magdelena Schaffer,
William Kain, Barbara Kain, John Esbaugh, Rose
Esbaugh, Catherine Swartzbaugh, Henry Swartzbaugh,
Margaret Swartzbaugh, Adam Swartzbaugh, Samuel
Swartzbaugh, and Adam Wentz. BA. Petition to sell
Stumps Lot, Smiths Field, Contes Lot.
Accession No: 17,898-6546. MSA S512-6604   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6589: Caleb Bentley, Roger Brooke, Caleb Stabler,
Caleb B. Moore, Mary Moore, Thomas R. Reese,
William Painter, Robert Pannell vs. John G.
Cowman, Joseph Cowman, Samuel S. Cowman, and Sarah
Cowman. AA. Petition to sell Talbots Adventure.
Accession No: 17,898-6589. MSA S512-6646   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6636: Nicholas Kerney vs. Henry Bennett, Patrick
H. Bennett, Adolphus Bennett, and James Thompson.
BA. Estate of Patrick Bennett. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 149, pp. 637, 651.
Accession No: 17,898-6636-1/19. MSA S512-6690   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6703: Robert Clarke, Daniel Clarke, Levin Clarke,
and Wyvil Clarke vs. William Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Elizabeth Woolford, and Nancy Woolford.
DO. Trust estate of Levin Woolford.
Accession No: 17,898-6703. MSA S512-6752   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6715: Kenelm G. Cheseldine vs. Clarissa Thomas,
Ann Thomas, William W. Bowling, and Frances Knoll.
SM. Contract to purchase Mattapony and slaves
Jinny, Silvey, Philis, Phill, Gerard, Juliana,
Catharine, Jane Maria, and Philippia.
Accession No: 17,898-6715. MSA S512-6763   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6742: Richard J. Cowman vs. Henrietta M. Hall,
John Thomas Hall, and Watkins Hall. AA. Petition
to sell lots in Annapolis.
Accession No: 17,898-6742. MSA S512-6789   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6745: Richard J. Cowman, Thomas J. Cowman, Richard
H. Cowman, Henrietta Cowman, and Henry Cowman. AA.
Petition to sell Cotters Desire. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 149, p. 706.
Accession No: 17,898-6745. MSA S512-6792   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6815: Commercial & Farmers Bank of Baltimore vs.
Edward Harris. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in
BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 122, p. 662.
Accession No: 17,898-6815. MSA S512-6858   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6950: Benjamin Childs vs. Philip H. Coakley and
William Rochester. BA. Contract to form a
Accession No: 17,898-6950. MSA S512-6991   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6953: Maria Clarke and Bernard U. Campbell vs.
Luke Tiernan. BA. Trust estate under will of
George Clarke.
Accession No: 17,898-6953. MSA S512-6994   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6962: Prudence G. Chalmers vs. Daniel Chambers,
James Chambers, and Elizabeth Cassel. BA.
Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-6962. MSA S512-7003   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
6979: Lydia Coale vs. David Malsby. CE, FR, HA.
Mortgage foreclosure on Bachelors Good Luck,
Henleys Enlargement, Come By Chance, Pacas Park in
HA. Also Coulsons Old Garden in CE. Also Seths
Folly, Resurvey on Seths Follys in FR. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 150, pp. 78, 349.

Accession No: 17,898-6979-1/2. MSA S512-7020   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7025: Leah Cooper vs. Samuel Cooper, Henry Cooper,
and Richard W. Gill. DO. Estate of Edward B.
Accession No: 17,898-7025. MSA S512-7064   1/37/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7084: Robert Crighton, Thomas H. Meekins, Edward
Johnson, Grace Insley, Bennett Gibson, Comfort
Gibson, Charles Traverse, Richard Tubman, Henry
Counsel, Sarah Counsel, Thomas Shenton, William
Shenton, Jacob Kirwan, Rachel Kirwan, Margaret
Hooper, Nancy Adams, Henry Hooper, James Hooper,
and John Hooper vs. Isaac Crighton, William
Crighton, Henry Crighton, James Crighton, John
Crighton, Robert Crighton, Thomas Crighton, Maria
Tyler, Wesley Woodland, Susan Woodland, John
Griffith, Samuel Dunnock, and Margaret Dunnock.
DO. Petition to sell Phillips Pasture, Addition to
Newton, Buttons Rack, Crightons Chance. Plat.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 152, p. 330.

Accession No: 17,898-7084. MSA S512-7119   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7097: John Crawford, Douglas Crawford, Jefferson
Crawford, William Crawford, William Gwynn, Samuel
Stansbury, Belinda Macauley, William Gwynn of
Robert, John R. Gwynn, Stephen Gorsuch, Jane
Gorsuch, and John Hart vs. Ann Dempsey, Ellen
Hart, John Hart, William Deacon, Sr., William
Deacon, Jr., Thomas Chatham, Elizabeth Chatham,
Hezekiah Krout, Frances Krout, John Deacon,
Washington Deacon, Jefferson Deacon, Gywnn Deacon,
Ann Deacon, and Elizabeth Chatham. BA. Petition to
sell Monkton Mills. Recorded (Chancery Record)
151, p. 714.

Accession No: 17,898-7097-1/2. MSA S512-7132   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7102: Lucius H. Colvin vs. Rachel Colvin. BA.
Title to lots in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-7102. MSA S512-7137   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7120: Hannah Kilty Chase vs. Upton S. Heath and
W.A. McMechen. BA. Mortgage foreclosure.
Accession No: 17,898-7120. MSA S512-7153   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7128: Joel Cornwell and Susan Cornwell vs. Alfred
M. Lewis, James K. Lewis, Esau Insley, Lucinda M.
Insley, and Levin Lewis. DO. Petition to sell
Spite, Smithfield, Galloway.
Accession No: 17,898-7128. MSA S512-7161   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7150: Alfred Clark vs. Sylvester Clark. AA.
Petition to sell Hanover.
Accession No: 17,898-7150. MSA S512-7183   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7183: Philip A.L. Contee. CH. Trust estate under
will of Eleanor Ann Lee - Three Brothers.
Accession No: 17,898-7183. MSA S512-7216   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7214: Thomas Cadwalder vs. William Taylor, Jr. and
Mary A. Taylor. CE. Mortgage foreclosure on
Hylands Forest Resurveyed, Manleys Purchase.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 152, p. 32.
Accession No: 17,898-7214. MSA S512-7245   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7231: Ariana W. Chamberline vs. Mary A. Davis. AA.
Appointment of trustee for Davis - Dorrills Luck,
Accession No: 17,898-7231-1/2. MSA S512-7261   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7234: Henry Cooper, Edward B. Cooper, and Samuel
J. Cooper vs. William Pattison, Thomas Pattison,
Mary Elizabeth Pattison, Richard Pattison, Sarah
Ann Hooper Pattison, Louisa Franklin Pattison,
Samuel Pattison, and Jeremiah Pattison. DO.
Contract to purchase Hayland. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 151, p. 84.

Accession No: 17,898-7234. MSA S512-7264   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7251: William G. Cook vs. John Martin and George
W. Dobbin. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-7251. MSA S512-7280   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7259: Hannah Kilty Chase vs. Upton S. Heath and
William A. McMechen. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on
lot in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-7259. MSA S512-7287   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7375: James Dadds, Emanuel Dadds, and William
Dadds vs. Mary Dadds and John Dadds. AA. Petition
to sell Snowdens Reputation Supported.
Accession No: 17,898-7375. MSA S512-7400   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7443: Eleanor Dawson vs. Eleanor Contee, Josiah
Hawkins, Caroline Hawkins, Elizabeth Clerklee,
Margaret Clerklee, Sarah Clerklee, and Philip A.L.
Contee. CH. Estate of Ann Gamble.
Accession No: 17,898-7443-1/4. MSA S512-7466   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7452: George V. Dobbin vs. George C. Morton and
John Martin. BA. Insolvent estate of Martin - lot
in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-7452. MSA S512-7475   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7477: John W. Darby vs. Samuel Darby and George
Darby. MO. Petition to sell Amsterdam, Thomas
Discovery, Mary.
Accession No: 17,898-7477-1/6. MSA S512-7498   1/37/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7525: John S. Donnell, James S. Donnell, and
William Donnell vs. John Gooding. BA. Injunction
against removal of timber from Jacks Double
Purchse, Fords Choice.
Accession No: 17,898-7525. MSA S512-7542   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7573: Kinsborough C. DuBose, James H. DuBose, J.A.
Inglis, Charlotte L. Inglis, John Campbell, and
Jane Campbell vs. Clarissa A. Prince, Mary J.
Prince, Laurence B. Prince, Charles L. Prince, and
William L.T. Prince. QA. Petition to sell land.

Accession No: 17,898-7573. MSA S512-7584   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7630: Emily F. Everett and Araminta Frazier vs.
William B. Everett. KE. Alimony.
Accession No: 17,898-7630. MSA S512-7633   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7633: Catherine Evans, Elizabeth Evans, Achsah
Evans, Mareen M. Duvall, and Harriett Duvall vs.
Charles R. Stewart and Anne Stewart. AA. Petition
to sell White Hall, What You Will.
Accession No: 17,898-7633. MSA S512-7636   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7680: Thomas Evans vs. John Clark, Orson Kellogg,
Anthony Whiteley, and Richard Bevan. BA. Contract
to purchase lot in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-7680. MSA S512-7683   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7682: Richard Estep and Henry A. Hall vs. Ann
Sparrow, Joseph G. Hutton, Aseneth G. Hutton,
Enoch A. Hutton, and William F. Hutton. AA.
Petition to sell Purnalls Angle, Grammers Chance,
Addition to St. Jeromes.
Accession No: 17,898-7682. MSA S512-7685   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7744: Richard T. Earle vs. Eliza Jones and Arthur
Jones. QA. Estate of Alfred Jones.
Accession No: 17,898-7744. MSA S512-7744   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7746: Mary Edmondson vs. Martin F. Higgins and
Henry Knowles. MO. Mortgage foreclosure. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 154, p. 1001.
Accession No: 17,898-7746. MSA S512-7746   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7820: Ebenezer Fish and Sarah Fish vs. Edward
Waters and Honor Waters. AA. Estate of John
Richardson Ray.
Accession No: 17,898-7820. MSA S512-7819   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7966: John Glenn and Nathaniel Williams vs. Henry
Webb and Mary A. Honeywell. BA. Estate of Stephen
Accession No: 17,898-7966. MSA S512-7959   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7983: John Guyer vs. Samuel Maynard and William S.
McPherson. AA. Estate of Lewis Nath, Jr.
Accession No: 17,898-7983. MSA S512-7976   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7984: William Glenn vs. Thomas Kain, Thomas Ayres,
Edward Kain, William Kain, and Catherine Smith.
HA. Title to Monte Santa. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 151, p. 543.
Accession No: 17,898-7984. MSA S512-7977   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7998: John S. Gerry and Margaret Gerry vs. John
Harris, Martha Harris, Hannah Hindman, Robert
Hindman, Samuel Nesbit, Jenny Nesbit, James
McCorkle, and Mary McCorkle. CE. Estate of Samuel
Hindman - Jamaica.
Accession No: 17,898-7998. MSA S512-7990   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8005: Robert Ghiselen, Margaret Ghiselen, Thomas
S. Alexander, and Prisilla Alexander vs. William
Ghiselen and Reverdy Ghiselen. PG. Petition to
partition Brookfield.
Accession No: 17,898-8005. MSA S512-7996   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8014: Richard H. Griffith vs. Maria Griffith, Jane
R. Griffith, Ruth M. Griffith, Georgiana Griffith,
Samuel H. Griffith, Henry C. Griffith, Alfred
Griffith, and Isreal Griffith. MO. Petition to
sell Charles and Benjamin.
Accession No: 17,898-8014. MSA S512-8005   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8048: Joshua Gore vs. Joseph Brummel, Jr. BA.
Title to Dyes Adventure. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 152, p. 6.
Accession No: 17,898-8048. MSA S512-8039   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8060: William N. Gatchell vs. William E.
McClellan. BA. Defraud of creditors of Bernard
Tell. Recorded (Chancery Record) 151, p. 190
Accession No: 17,898-8060. MSA S512-8049   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8082: John Getz, Ellen Getz, and Lydia Davis vs.
George Hoofnagle, Richard Hoofnagle, John
Hoofnagle, Frederick W. White, and Mary White. AA.
Petition to partition land.
Accession No: 17,898-8082. MSA S512-8068   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8089: John Glenn and William H. Gatchell vs.
Benjamin K. Hagger, John W. Hagger, Martin Fisher,
and William C. Harris. BA. Defraud of creditors of
Benjamin K. Hagger and John W. Hagger.
Accession No: 17,898-8089. MSA S512-8075   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8096: Juliet Gambrill, Richard W. Hook, and
Elizabeth Hook vs. Horace Knight, Catherine
Knight, William Gambrill, Augustus Gambrill,
Marrian Gambrill, John Gambrill, Eli Gambrill,
Adaline Gambrill, Maria Gambrill, Louise Gambrill,
and Benjamin F. Gambrill. BA. Petition to sell
Roberts Park.

Accession No: 17,898-8096-1/2. MSA S512-8082   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8098: Frederick C. Graf vs. Lewis D. Von
Schmeintz, Isaac Wampler, John Jordon, Charles H.
Baker, Philip F. Mayer, Christine Mayer, Charles
F. Mayer, Justus Hoppe, Charles W. Karthaus, Sarah
Brown, John N. Brown, George Brown, Jacob H.
Brown, Stuart Brown, Jr., George A. Brown, Sophia
Brown, Sally H. Brown, and James M. Brown, BA.
Mortgage foreclosure on lots in BC.

Accession No: 17,898-8098-1/6. MSA S512-8084   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8123: John Glenn and William H. Gatchell vs.
Benjamin K. Haggar, John W. Haggar, and William G.
Haggar. BA. Defraud of creditors of Benjamin K.
Haggar and John W. Haggar.
Accession No: 17,898-8123. MSA S512-8108   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8147: Eleanor Grey vs. Elijah Grey. AA. Estate of
Eleanor Grey - Proctors Park.
Accession No: 17,898-8147. MSA S512-8132   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8163: Ashsah Goldsborough, Ephraim Gaither, Sarah
Gaither, Nicholas W. Goldsborough, Brice J.
Goldsborough, John Darley, Elizabeth Darley,
Thomas Owens, Matilda Owens, William Goldsborough,
and Charles Goldsborough vs. Angelina Robinson,
Goldsborough Robinson, Richard A. Robinson,
Priscilla Robinson, Ashsah Robinson, Magill
Robinson, William M. Robinson, John McH. Robinson,
Catherine W. Robinson, and Maria C. Goldsborough.
DO. Petition to sell land. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 152, p. 84.

Accession No: 17,898-8163. MSA S512-8147   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8182: Elizabeth Grammer vs. Mary E. Grammer, John
A. Grammer, Catherine A. Grammer, William T.
Grammer, Ann H. Grammer, and Eliza Grammer. AA.
Petition to sell Grammers Pleasant Plains.
Accession No: 17,898-8182-1/2. MSA S512-8166   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8207: John Gambrill vs. Wells Cooper and Benjamin
M. Heighe. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 151, p. 373.
Accession No: 17,898-8207. MSA S512-8191   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8270: William L. Gibson and Eleanor Gibson vs.
Christopher L. Gantt, Benjamin L. Gantt, and Sarah
S. Gantt. PG. Estate of Levi Gantt.
Accession No: 17,898-8270. MSA S512-8249   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8344: John Hammond vs. Rezin Hammond, Washington
Hammond, Thomas Hammond, Matilda Hammond, Charles
Hammond, Mathias Hammond, Marianna Hammond, Philip
Hammond, Harriott Hammond, Edward Hammond, Cecilia
Hammond, Denton Hammond, Mathias Hammond,
Elizabeth Hammond, John Dorsey, Mary A. Dorsey,
Henry Pew, Harriot Pew, Song Denton, Thomas
Herbert, Camilla Herbert, Richard Cromwell, Jr.,
Elizabeth Cromwell, Nathan Warfield, Caroline
Warfield, and Song Mathias. AA. Title to Wilsons

Accession No: 17,898-8344. MSA S512-8322   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8392: Samuel Hoffman vs. Jacob Houck, Daniel
Hoffman, and David Whiteford. BA. Defraud of
creditors of Houck.
Accession No: 17,898-8392. MSA S512-8369   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8401: Samuel Hoffman vs. Jacob Houck, Thomas
Baltzell, and Philip Baltzell. BA. Defraud of
creditors of Houck.
Accession No: 17,898-8401. MSA S512-8377   1/38/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8447: Louisa Holmes vs. William Holmes. CH.
Accession No: 17,898-8447. MSA S512-8422   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8455: Emily Hart vs. James Carnigham and John
Glenn. BA. Title to lot in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-8455. MSA S512-8430   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8539: Richard Humphreys and Joseph Huntt vs. Mary
Stanton. PG. Mortgage foreclosure.
Accession No: 17,898-8539. MSA S512-8500   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8550: Alexander Hanna and Louisa C. Hanna vs.
Henry F. Mayer, Henrietta E. Mayer, and Ernestine
Mayer. AA. Petition to sell Scotland Enlarged,
Gibsons Discovery, Rattle Snake Point.
Accession No: 17,898-8550-1/2. MSA S512-8510   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8556: Frances Hoover vs. John Werdebaugh. BA.
Estate of Richard Ratirn.
Accession No: 17,898-8556. MSA S512-8515   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8593: John Hanan vs. James Brundige and Thomas
Scotchburn. BA. Defraud of creditors of
Accession No: 17,898-8593-1/2. MSA S512-8547   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8621: Thomas H. Hicks and John H. Hall vs. Henry
Wilcox, John K.M. Lewis, and levin Lewis. DO.
Mortgage foreclosure on Spite, Galloway.
Accession No: 17,898-8621. MSA S512-8574   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8628: Richard Holmes and Eleanor Holmes vs.
Abraham Dawson, Mary Dawson, Benjamin S. Forrest,
Elizabeth Read, Thomas Read, James Read, Elizabeth
Belmear, Harry Dorsey, Rachel Dorsey, John W.
Magruder, Rachel Magruder, Nathan Cook, Elizabeth
Cook, Nathaniel Williams, Zadock Waters, William
Waters, Zachariah Waters, Jonathan W. Magruder,
William B. Magruder, Basil Barry, and Martha
Barry. MO. Mortgage foreclosure on lots in

Accession No: 17,898-8628. MSA S512-8581   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8654: Thomas H. Hicks vs. Thomas Newton, Emeline
Newton, Alexander Donoho, Mary Donoho, John Ross,
and Sally Ross. DO. Petition to sell land.
Accession No: 17,898-8654. MSA S512-8607   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8673: Rebecca Hewitt vs. Wingate Roten and Thomas
H. Roten. DO. Mortgage foreclosure on Pine Neck.
Accession No: 17,898-8673. MSA S512-8625   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8683: Richard W. Hook vs. Thomasina H. Gist,
Abagail Gambrill, Horace Knight, Catherine Knight,
Nelson Gambrill, Juliet Gambrill, William
Gambrill, Augustine Gambrill, John Gambrill, Eli
Grambrill, Adeline Gambrill, Mira Gambrill, Louisa
Gambrill, and Benjamin F. Gambrill. BA. Title to
Timber Ridge. Recorded (Chancery Record) 151, p.

Accession No: 17,898-8683. MSA S512-8635   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8689: Benjamin M. Heighe vs. Benjamin Mackall and
James J. Mackall. CV. Title to slaves.
Accession No: 17,898-8689. MSA S512-8641   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8702: William P. Hardesty, Harriet Hardesty, Henry
S. Holland, Susannah Holland, Henry Darnall,
Priscilla Daley, James Midkiff, and Ann C. Midkiff
vs. James Tongue. AA. Estate of Francis Darrall.
Accession No: 17,898-8702. MSA S512-8653   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8712: Elizabeth Hanson, John Marshall, William
Latimer, Josias H. Hanson, Hugh McEldery, and
George Forbes vs. Lastitia Hawkins. CH. Petition
to dissolve injunction against execution of
Accession No: 17,898-8712. MSA S512-8660   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8731: Samuel Hoffman vs. Jacob Houck, Jacob
Baltzell, and Charles Baltzell. BA. Estate of
Jacob Houck.
Accession No: 17,898-8731. MSA S512-8678   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8757: Henrietta M. Hall and Richard Cowman vs.
John N. Watkins, John T. Hall, and Watkins Hall.
AA. Estate of Thomas H. Hall - lots in Annapolis.
Accession No: 17,898-8757-1/6. MSA S512-8704   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8768: Robert Hickley and Thomas J. Clagett vs.
Andrew Aldridge, Benjamin D. Higdon, and Francis
W. Alricks. BA. Defraud of creditors of Clagett.
Accession No: 17,898-8768. MSA S512-8714   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8793: Samuel Hoffman vs. Jacob Houck, Sarah
McClure, and John Hall. BA. Defraud of creditors
of Houck.
Accession No: 17,898-8793. MSA S512-8738   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8843: Elizabeth Harman, Frederick Harman, Peter A.
Harman, Louisa A. Harman, Amelia J. Harman, and
Nancy Harman vs. Candace Rowles. AA. Petition to
partition Last Shift, Scotts Folly, Addition to
Timber Ridge. Plat.
Accession No: 17,898-8843. MSA S512-8784   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8844: William Hardey vs. Alfred Ray and Ann
Jenkins. AA. Petition to sell Hammond and Guest.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 155, p. 137.
Accession No: 17,898-8844-1/2. MSA S512-8785   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8845: Robert Hart vs. George Hart. DO. Petition to
sell land.
Accession No: 17,898-8845. MSA S512-8786   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8868: Richard Iglehart vs. Peter Harman, James
Harman, Marian Harman, William Harman, and
Margaret Harman. AA. Contract to purchase
September the Fourteenth I was born John Hammond
son of John, Champion Forrest. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 151, p. 166
Accession No: 17,898-8868. MSA S512-8809   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8880: Richard Iglehart vs. Philip Harmon, John
Harmon, and Peter Harman. AA. Injunction against
removal of timber from Wilderness, September the
14th 1739 I was born John Hammond son of John,
Walkers Inheritance.
Accession No: 17,898-8880. MSA S512-8821   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8896: Joshua S. Inloes vs. John Walter, Randle H.
Moale, Thomas L. Murphy, Eliza A. Foulds, James H.
Foulds, Margaret A. Foulds, and Henrietta Foulds.
BA. Petition to sell lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 151, p. 379.
Accession No: 17,898-8896. MSA S512-8837   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8970: Sarah Jones vs. Edward Jones. AA. Petition
to sell Lebanon, Westbury. Plat.
Accession No: 17,898-8970. MSA S512-8910   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
8980: John D. Jones, William J. Cole, and Charles
F. Mayer vs. Evan T. Ellicott, Joseph Davenport,
and John A. Hewlett. BA. Dissolution of a
Accession No: 17,898-8980. MSA S512-8920   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9011: John R. Jones vs. Richard S. Hardesty, Ann
Jones, Milton A. Jones, William E. Jones,
Elizabeth A. Jones, Mary P. Jones, and Virginia
Jones. BA. Contract to purchase stock.
Accession No: 17,898-9011-1/5. MSA S512-8947   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9038: Hiram Jones vs. Thomas Caulk. KE. Petition
to sell land. Recorded (Chancery Record) 151, p.
Accession No: 17,898-9038-1/2. MSA S512-8972   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9051: Joseph Jones and Eliza Welding vs. Arthur
Howell. CE. Mortgage foreclosure. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 151, p. 768.
Accession No: 17,898-9051. MSA S512-8985   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9148: Robert W. Kent, Daniel Kent, Thomas Kent,
Adeline Kent, and Mary Clare Kent vs. Benjamin
Gaither, George Mackubin, John Dent. Thomas
Bicknell, Ann Bicknell, William Bicknell, Mary
Bicknell, John Bicknell, and Julia Bicknell. AA.
Mortgage foreclosure.
Accession No: 17,898-9148. MSA S512-9075   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9150: Marcellus S. Keene vs. Benjamin Keene, Susan
Keene, John Keene, William Keene, and Henry Keene.
DO. Petition to sell Keenes Regulation. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 153, p. 27.
Accession No: 17,898-9150. MSA S512-9077   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9155: Jacob Kansler, Joseph Graff, Philip Binkley,
Jacob Roher, Joseph Roher, Samuel Roher, Frederick
Roher, Elizabeth Roher, Martin Roher, David Roher,
Henry Funk, Maria Funk, John Barr, Elizabeth Barr,
and Barbara Lawser vs. Barbara Roher, Ann Roher,
Joseph Roher, Jacob Barr, John Barr, Martin Barr,
Ann Barr, Matilda Barr, and Benjamin Barr. WA.
Trust estate of John Roher. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 151, p. 93.

Accession No: 17,898-9155. MSA S512-9082   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9173: Mary E. Kennedy, William H. Savage, and
Thomas F. Kennedy vs. Benjamin Taylor and Rachel
Kennedy. BA. Validity of sale of land.
Accession No: 17,898-9173. MSA S512-9100   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9184: Risdon Kirby vs. Jonathan Hurlock and
Wheyland Millican. DO. Mortgage foreclosure on
Mitchells Conclusion.
Accession No: 17,898-9184. MSA S512-9111   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9188: Francis Knott vs. Kenelin G. Cheseldine,
Maria Cheseldine, Ann Thomas, and Clarissa Thomas.
SM. Title to Matapony.
Accession No: 17,898-9188. MSA S512-9115   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9189: Henry G.S. Key vs. Francis Knott and Mary
Knott. SM. Injunction against execution of
Accession No: 17,898-9189. MSA S512-9116   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9190: George Kidd vs. Jonathan McVey. CE. Contract
to lease building and lot in Port Deposit.
Accession No: 17,898-9190. MSA S512-9117   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9346: Richard Loockerman, Frances T. Loockerman,
Hester A. Loockerman, Richard Loockerman, Matilda
Loockerman, Jeremiah Loockerman, Francis
Loockerman, and Catherine Loockerman vs. Richard
M. Chase and Richard J. Crabb. AA. Injunction
against execution of judgment.

Accession No: 17,898-9346. MSA S512-9263   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9361: Philip G. Leckleitner, J.C. Obertenffer, and
Rebecca A. Obertenffer vs. William H. Pennington
and Mary A. Pennington. AA. Petition to sell lot
and house in Annapolis.
Accession No: 17,898-9361. MSA S512-9278   1/38/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9439: Benjamin R. Morgan vs. Richard Ringgold,
Sophia Ringgold, Hamilton Ringgold, and William
Ringgold. KE. Estate of William Slubey.
Accession No: 17,898-9439. MSA S512-9354   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9451: John McKim Jr. vs. John Bunting. BA.
Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 151, p. 733.
Accession No: 17,898-9451. MSA S512-9366   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9494: George Mearing and Elizabeth Marshall
Mearing vs. John Gist, William Gwynn, Henry
Hoffman, Jacob Hoffman, Susannah Hoffman, and
Rachel Hoffman. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Manys
Delight, Gists Second Purchase. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 155, p. 474.

Accession No: 17,898-9494-1/2. MSA S512-9409   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9506: John Murdock and Joseph Venables vs. Andrew
Hook and Thomas Dixon. BA. Defraud of creditors of
Hook and Dixon.
Accession No: 17,898-9506-1/3. MSA S512-9420   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9510: John H. Maccubbin, Hanson Minskey, and
Harriet Minskey vs. Robert D. Minskey and John S.
Minskey. AA. Petition to sell land.
Accession No: 17,898-9510-1/2. MSA S512-9424   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9560: George W. Matthews, Francis Matthews,
Charles H. Matthews, Thomas Matthews, and William
Matthews vs. William D. Merrick. CH. Trust estate
of Rose Matthews - slaves Fredrick, Daniel, and
Accession No: 17,898-9560-1/10. MSA S512-9472   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9600: Adam Miller and John Miller vs. Charles
Ridgely, Jeremiah L. Boyd, William T. Boyd,
Henrietta L. Boyd, Isaac L. Boyd, Mary E. Boyd,
Dennis Boyd, and Celestin M. Boyd. AA. Defraud of
creditors of Jeremiah L. Boyd.
Accession No: 17,898-9600-1/2. MSA S512-9510   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9679: Samuel Maynard vs. George Fitzhugh, Jr.,
Mary Fitzhugh, Daniel D. Fitzhugh, and Bank of
Maryland. BA. Mortgage foreclosure. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 154, p. 756 and 158, p. 638.
Accession No: 17,898-9679-1/6. MSA S512-9587   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9696: Jerome Mudd and Notley Young vs. Asa
Anderson. PG. Contract to purchase lot in Queen
Accession No: 17,898-9696-1/3. MSA S512-9601   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9697: John McKim, Jr. vs. William Linsberger and
Joseph N. Craddock. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on
lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 151, p. 667.
Accession No: 17,898-9697. MSA S512-9602   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9704: Charles Munroe and Ellen Munroe vs. Henry
Aisquith, Charles D. Hodges, and Ellen Aisquith.
AA. Contract to purchase Brices Regulation.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 151, p. 60
Accession No: 17,898-9704. MSA S512-9609   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9725: Thomas Massey and Lucinda D. Massey vs.
Henry Greve and Anna Greve. BA. Petition to sell
lots in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-9725. MSA S512-9630   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9795: John McCrow vs. John W. Baker, George
Pocock, and John Stringer. AA. Contract to
purchase Fosters Fancy. Recorded (Chancery Record)
150, p. 336.
Accession No: 17,898-9795. MSA S512-9693   1/38/5/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9883: Adam Miller and John Miller vs. Richard J.
Crabb, Richard M. Chase, Richard Loockerman, and
Frances J. Loockerman. AA. Trust estate of Frances
T. Loockerman.
Accession No: 17,898-9883-1/11. MSA S512-9779   1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
9919: Thomas Mattingly vs. Josiah Turner and
Philip Turner. SM. Injunction against execution of
Accession No: 17,898-9919. MSA S512-9812   1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10070: Colmore Offutt vs. Absalom Thrift. MO.
Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-10070. MSA S512-9960   1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10107: Thomas Orr vs. William Andrew Hall. CE.
Mortgage foreclosure. Recorded (Chancery Record)
152, p. 361.
Accession No: 17,898-10107. MSA S512-9991   1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10232: Jonathan Porter vs. Matthew Hardcastle,
James Wright, Sylvester H. Wright, Emily A.
Wright, Margaret E. Wright, and John W. Wright.
DO. Petition to sell land. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 151, p. 428.
Accession No: 17,898-10232-1/3. MSA S512-10106  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10239: George G. Presbury vs. Susanna Jarrett,
Emeline Jarrett, Julianna Jarrett, Jesse Jarrett,
Edward Jarrett, Mary Jarrett, Abraham Jarrett, and
Devereux Jarrett. BA, HA. Petition to sell Busseys
Purchase, Hills Camp in BA. Also Bill in HA.
Accession No: 17,898-10239. MSA S512-10113  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10240: Henry Pike vs. William C.V. Dashield,
Margaret Hitchens, and Alexander Hitchens. DO.
Petition to sell lot in Vienna. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 151, p. 391.
Accession No: 17,898-10240. MSA S512-10114  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10242: Brice Plummer and Ann Plummer vs. Barney
Burgess, Jr., Mary Ann Beach, James W. Paca,
Alexander Hancock, and Thornton F. Robinson. AA.
Petition to sell land.
Accession No: 17,898-10242. MSA S512-10116  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10246: Myers Pierce and Maria Pierce vs. Samuel
Graham and Henrietta Graham. AA. Petition to sell
Accession No: 17,898-10246. MSA S512-10119  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10283: Levin Philips vs. John Philips. DO. Estate
of Levin Philips - Tar Bay.
Accession No: 17,898-10283. MSA S512-10152  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10320: Catherine Pearce vs. William A. Isaac, John
Spencer, Elizabeth A. Spencer, Jarvis Spencer,
James M. Spencer, Bedingfield H. Spencer,
Catherine Spencer, and Charlotte Spencer. CE.
Estate of William Spencer - Scotchmans Creek,
Worth Tract, Terry Tract.

Accession No: 17,898-10320-1/12. MSA S512-10189  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10337: Rinaldo Pindell vs. Alexander Duvall. AA.
Mortgage foreclosure on slaves Billy, Lemmon,
Dolly, Harriett, Oscar, Robert, and William.
Accession No: 17,898-10337. MSA S512-10206  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10343: William Pinkney and Jane B. Pinkney vs.
Jonathan Pinkney, Edward D. Kemp, James Kemp
Harwood, Edward Noel Cox Harwood, Elizabeth
Pinkney, Ann Pinkney, and Isabella Pinkney. BA.
Petition to mortgage land.
Accession No: 17,898-10343. MSA S512-10211  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10362: Harrison Penn, Cephas M. Benson, Cephas R.
Benson, Amelia J. Benson, Elizabeth C. Benson,
Lucinda H. Benson, Margaret E. Benson, Martha R.
Benson, Ann Sophia Benson, and Susan R. Benson vs.
Bushrod M. Marriott, Rachel Franklin, Harriet
Franklin, Maria Franklin, and Ann Franklin. PG.
Contract to sell Arnolds Industry, Addition to
Arnolds Industry, Peaches Search, Peaches Lot.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 151, p. 53.

Accession No: 17,898-10362. MSA S512-10229  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10404: Benjamin Palmer, Samuel Ellicott, Nathaniel
H. Ellicott, William Ellicott, Jonathan Ellicott,
and Benjamin Ellicott vs. Mary Hinks, Charles D.
Hinks, Martha Ann Hinks, Caroline Hinks, Mary
Hinks, Samuel Hinks, and Edwin Hinks. AA. Petition
to sell West Illchester. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 149, p. 748.

Accession No: 17,898-10404-1/5. MSA S512-10267  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10409: John Parrin and Jane Parrin vs. William
Read, Mary Read, Willilam D. Flint, Joseph A.
Flint, and Thomas M. Flint. DO. Petition to sell
Accession No: 17,898-10409. MSA S512-10272  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10423: Farmers Bank of Maryland vs. Hester A.
Chase, Matilda Chase, and Frances C. Chase. BA.
Petition to sell lots in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-10423. MSA S512-10284  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10503: Charlotte Ramsay, Sophia McHenry, Henry
Hall, and Charlotte Hall vs. Ellen Ramsay, Sarah
Ramsay, Charlotte Ramsay, Mary Ramsay, William
Ramsay, and Henry D. Miller. CE. Estate of Col.
Nathaniel Ramsay - Green Bank Fishery, Poplar
Point Farm, Seneca.

Accession No: 17,898-10503-1/19. MSA S512-10363  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10580: Thomas B. Reily and Rebecca Reily vs.
Charles C. Egerton, Jr., Josiah Turner, Philip
Turner, and Henry G. Key. SM. Injunction against
execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-10580. MSA S512-10433  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10598: Mary Ann Reynolds, Lucretia C. Reynolds,
James J. Reynolds, Harriet S. Reynolds, William
Benedict Reynolds, Angeline Reynolds, Emeline
Reynolds, and Susan L. Reynolds vs. Benedict
Reynolds. AA. Petition to sell land.

Accession No: 17,898-10598. MSA S512-10450  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10642: Beale Randall vs. Philander Stephens and
William Hartley. BA. Contract to sell lumber.
Accession No: 17,898-10642. MSA S512-10491  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10660: William Robinson vs. Keziah Robinson,
William Broharons, Mary Amelia Broharons, and
Susan A. Broharons. DO. Estate of Amelia Robinson
- Aarons Regulation.
Accession No: 17,898-10660. MSA S512-10509  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10663: Mary Ruth, James Ruth, Samuel Ruth,
Elizabeth Ruth, Temperance Ruth, Mary Ruth,
Rebecca Ruth, John Ruth, Nathaniel Hutchinson, and
Ann Hutchinson vs. John G. Black, Alphonsa Black,
Susan W. Cummins, Susan Cummins, George W.
Cummins, John Cummins, Daniel Cummins, William
Cummins, Mary Cummins, Ann W. Cummins, Robert
Cummins, Alexander Cummins, Martha Cummins, and
David J. Cummins. KE, QA. Petition to sell Adjoins
Adventure. Recorded (Chancery Record) 152, p. 1.

Accession No: 17,898-10663. MSA S512-10512  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10690: Stephen Rawleigh vs. Sarah Robinson,
Ezekiel Mitchell, Samuel Neal, Kattrina Neal,
James R. Mitchell, Elizabeth Mitchell, Mary
Mitchell, Ann Mitchell, and George Mitchell. CA.
Petition to sell land.
Accession No: 17,898-10690-1/3. MSA S512-10538  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10698: Jacob Reppert vs. George Reppert, Louis
Reppert, Henry Reppert, Jacob Reppert, Elizabeth
Reppert, Hannah Louisa Reppert, George Reppert,
Regina Reppert, Sophia Margaret Horn, and George
Horn. BA. Petition to partition lot in BC.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 154, p. 330.
Accession No: 17,898-10698-1/2. MSA S512-10545  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10699: Richard Redmiles and Mary Redmiles vs. John
Redmiles, Henrietta Redmiles, and Maria Redmiles.
AA. Petition to sell Hookers Purchase.
Accession No: 17,898-10699. MSA S512-10546  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10701: John Rafferty and A.L. Magruder vs. Joseph
Howard. AA. Estate of William Rafferty.
Accession No: 17,898-10701-1/3. MSA S512-10548  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10702: Daniel Raymond and James A. Hillhouse vs.
Augustus L. Hillhouse, James Raymond, Sarah
Billany, Joseph Billany, Harriet Buck, David Buck,
Mary Ann Williams, Oliver H. Prince, Sarah Lloyd
Hillhouse, Mary Lucas Hillhouse, David P.
Hillhouse, and Mary Shepherd. BA. Petition to sell
Paradise and Hazard. Recorded (Chancery Record)
151, p. 751.
Accession No: 17,898-10702. MSA S512-10549  1/39/2/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10947: John S. Stiles vs. Stewart Brown, Jr.,
George A. Brown, Jr., Jacob Harman Brown, John N.
Brown, Sally H. Brown, Sarah Brown, Sophia Brown,
James M. Brown, George Brown, John D. Vowell, and
Margaretta Vowell. BA. Estate of John S. Stiles -
lots in BC.

Accession No: 17,898-10947. MSA S512-10790  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10953: Michael Stillinger and Michael Riddlemarch
vs. Elizabeth Hayden and John Walch. BA. Estate of
James Hayden.
Accession No: 17,898-10953. MSA S512-10796  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10960: Thomas Parkin Scott vs. William McCann,
Mary Miskelly, and Catherine Dougherty. BA.
Mortgage foreclosure on Dugans Wharf in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-10960-1/2. MSA S512-10803  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10963: William Sappington vs. Mary Russell, Ann
Russell, and Thomas S. Thomas. CE. Mortgage
foreclosure on Geofarisson Resurveyed.
Accession No: 17,898-10963. MSA S512-10806  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10977: John D. Stephens vs. Mary E. Jones. DO.
Petition to sell Friends Assistant, Jones Luck.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 153, p. 460.
Accession No: 17,898-10977-1/2. MSA S512-10820  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10988: Edward Stephens vs. Rigby Valiant, Nancy
Valiant, and George Valiant. DO. Petition to sell
land. Recorded (Chancery Record) 152, p. 214.
Accession No: 17,898-10988. MSA S512-10831  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
10990: William Shearman, Sr. vs. Uriah Medford,
Jane Medford, Edwin E. Medford, Adaline Medford,
and Ansyl M. Medford. DO. Petition to sell land.
Accession No: 17,898-10990. MSA S512-10833  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11006: John Stewart, Rebecca Stewart, William U.
Eccleston, Sophia Eccleston, Elizabeth Ennalls,
and William Sulivane vs. Elizabeth Sulivane and
Mary Sulivane. DO. Estate of Col. Joseph
Richardson - lot in New Market. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 151, p. 412.

Accession No: 17,898-11006. MSA S512-10849  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11010: Eve Marie Schwartzaur, Daniel Schwartzaur,
Elizabeth Abrams, William A. Thompson, and Mary
Thompson vs. George Peters, Philip Abrams, Ann
Elizabeth Abrams, Lewis Abrams, William Henry
Abrams, Alexander Abrams, and Jacob Abrams. BA.
Estate of Philip Schwartzaur - Brick Tavern.

Accession No: 17,898-11010-1/3. MSA S512-10853  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11015: John Scott and Eliza Maynasira Scott vs.
Henry Greenfield Sothoron Key, Sarah Anna E. Key,
Mary Sophia Key, John Key, Richard Smith, Anna
Smith, William Compton, Mary Compton Dr. John H.
Briscoe, Mary H. Briscoe, Henry Ashton, Celia
Ashton, Charles H. Wharton, Rebecca Wharton,
Thomas Riley, and Rebecca Riley. SM. Estate of
Philip Key - Gravelly Hills, Bonds Rest, Widows
Purchase, Labyrinth.

Accession No: 17,898-11015-1/6. MSA S512-10858  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11021: William Simmons, Richard Simmons, James
Cowens, John Sullivan, Henry Dangerfield, William
Foule, and Farmers Bank of Maryland vs. Robert
Garner, Robert McPherson, and James Tongue. AA.
Title to lot in Traceys Landing.
Accession No: 17,898-11021. MSA S512-10864  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11026: Levin C. Smith and Mary A. Smith vs.
Richardson D. Smith, James T. Smith, Rebecca
Smith, and Henry C. Smith. DO. Estate of Henry C.
Smith. Recorded (Chancery Record) 151, p. 368.
Accession No: 17,898-11026. MSA S512-10869  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11064: John Stewart, Rebecca Stewart, William M.
Eccleston, and Sophia Eccleston vs. William
Sullivan, Elizabeth Sullivan, and Mary Sullivan.
DO. Estate of John Richardson. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 151, p. 419.
Accession No: 17,898-11064. MSA S512-10907  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11084: Michael Stillinger vs. Felix McCaffrey. BA.
Estate of Michael Riddlemosher.
Accession No: 17,898-11084. MSA S512-10927  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11209: William Smith and Charlotte Smith vs. John
Maulden, Mary Ann Maulden, Nancy Maulden, Maria
Maulden, Rebecca Maulden, and William Benjamin
Maulden. CE. Petition to sell Colleston.
Accession No: 17,898-11209. MSA S512-11044  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11222: Joshua Stewart and Aden Darby vs. Evan
Thompson, Darius Darby, and Otho Magruder. MO.
Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-11222. MSA S512-11057  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11252: Levin Shipley vs. John C. Herbert,
Elizabeth W. Snowden, Thomas J. Snowden, Louisa
Snowden, Juliana Snowden, Adeline Snowden, Edward
Snowden, Milton Snowden, Henry Snowden, Eliza
Snowden, Emily Snowden, Nicholas Snowden, Arthur
Snowden, and Ann E. Hall. AA, MO. Estate of
Nicholas Snowden--Warfield and Snowden. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 151, p. 229.

Accession No: 17,898-11252. MSA S512-11085  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11326: Benjamin Simmons, Hanna Simmons, Susan
Simmons, Thomas Simmons, and Josias Simmons vs.
Richard Phillips, Edward Wheeler, and Ellen
Wheeler. DO. Estate of John Phillips - lot and
Flintys Tavern in Cambridge.
Accession No: 17,898-11326. MSA S512-11152  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11338: Ann Jane Swann and Thomas Swann vs. Sarah
H. Williamson, Isaac Mayo, John Williamson,
Elizabeth Williamson, Nancy Williamson, Elizabeth
Henning, James Henning, Frances Henning, Edward D.
Hobbs, and Susan Hobbs. AA. Estates of Thomas
Swann and James Williamson - Williamsons Hotel in

Accession No: 17,898-11338-1/27. MSA S512-11163  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11414: John Thomas and George W. Thomas vs. John
Ferguson. KE. Estate of Richard S. Thomas -
Accession No: 17,898-11414. MSA S512-11239  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11420: Thomas T. Tabb and Eliza C. Tabb vs. John
S. Stiles, Sarah Emory Stiles, and Sophia Forman.
QA. Contract to purchase Clouds Choice, Long
Delay, Louthers Chance.
Accession No: 17,898-11420. MSA S512-11248  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11430: Ebenezer T. Massey vs. Sarah Elizabeth
Jackson, Lewis Bush Jackson, George Jackson, and
William McKenny Osborn. QA. Title to Sand Town.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 151, p. 104.
Accession No: 17,898-11430. MSA S512-11258  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11487: Peter H. Terme vs. Mathew Pascal and
Virginia Pascal. BA. Title to lots in BC. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 151, p. 493.
Accession No: 17,898-11487. MSA S512-11315  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11493: Eliza Eleanor Taneyhill, Mary Elizabeth
Taneyhill, and Henry Dowell vs. John Ireland,
Pricilla Taneyhill, Elizabeth Taneyhill, and
Thomas Taneyhill. CV. Estate of Zachariah
Taneyhill - Callender, Friendship.
Accession No: 17,898-11493. MSA S512-11321  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11606: Horatio Trundle vs. Chesapeake & Ohio Canal
Co. MO. Estate of George W. Fletchall.
Accession No: 17,898-11606-1/2. MSA S512-11429  1/39/3/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11887: Henry Webster, Jesse C. Davis, and Mary
Davis vs. Thomas Webster, George W. Webster,
Algenon Webster, and James Webster. DO. Mortgage
foreclosure on Indian Purchase. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 151, p. 470.
Accession No: 17,898-11887. MSA S512-11711  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11890: Samuel Augustus Watkins, Charles Watkins,
and Ann Watkins vs. Ann Watkins, Jane Watkins, and
Eliza Watkins. AA. Petition to partition land.
Accession No: 17,898-11890. MSA S512-11714  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11947: Sarah Catharine Waggaman vs. John C.
Waggaman, Virginia Waggaman, and Henry P.
Waggaman. DO. Petition to sell Addition to
Conclusion. Recorded (Chancery Record) 153, p.
Accession No: 17,898-11947. MSA S512-11771  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11953: Samuel Williams, Jacob Mosier, Elizabeth
Mosier, Susan Bosley, Joshua Bosley, Elizabeth
Bosley, Arael Bosley, Philip Bosley, Horner
Bosley, Susan Bosley, Washington Bosley, William
Bosley, Amanda Bosley, David Baker, Sarah Baker,
Charles C. Royston, Mary Royston, William Bosley,
Thomas Bosley, Horner Bosley, Ann Bosley, Joshua
Gorsuch, Thomas Gorsuch, Charles Gorsuch, Charles
Gorsuch, Hannah Gorsuch, John Riddle, Sarah
Riddle, Elizabeth Gorsuch, Samuel Meredith,
Belinda Meredith, Stephen Gorsuch, Rachel Gorsuch,
Solomon Tipton, Rebecca Tipton, Charles G. Hignut,
Charles Thomas Gorsuch, Eleanor Gorsuch, Charles
Baker, Westly Baker, Nathan Baker, Rebecca Baker,
John Owens, Mary Owens, Caleb Price, Keziah Price,
John Armagost, and Mary Armagost vs. Daniel
Bosley, Elizabeth Bosley, Philip Bosley, Benjamin
Wheeler, Ellen Wheeler, James Baker, Levi Baker,
Elizabeth Baker, and Ann Baker. BA. Petition to
sell lots in BC.

Accession No: 17,898-11953. MSA S512-11777  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11958: Elisa C. Waggaman vs. John C. Waggaman. DO.
Petition to sell land. Recorded (Chancery Record)
153, p. 36.
Accession No: 17,898-11958. MSA S512-11782  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11960: Abraham White, Jr., John White, and Polly
Brand vs. Savings Bank of Baltimore, Jacob White,
Lewis Gross, and Kitty Gross. BA. Petition to sell
lot in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-11960. MSA S512-11784  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11962: Noah Worthington vs. Thomas Rowles, Isaac
L. Rowles, Enoch Randell, Hannah Randell, Asbury
Peddicord, Eliza Peddicord, Nathan Davis, Asbury
Norwood, Achsah Norwood, George Dorsey, and Alice
Dorsey. AA. Estate of Eli Rowles. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 151, p. 334.

Accession No: 17,898-11962. MSA S512-11786  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
11995: George W. Williamson, Joseph M. Williamson,
Adolphus Williamson, Juliana Williamson, George
V.H. DeWitt, and Juliana DeWitt vs. Edward T.
Wilson, John Scott, John Glenn, Robert Browne, and
Martha T. Browne. QA. Petition to sell Warrington.
Recorded (Chancery Record) 154, p. 802.

Accession No: 17,898-11995-1/2. MSA S512-11818  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12007: Hugh Wallis vs. Margaret Ann W. Ireland,
Louisa P. Ireland, Emma H.P. Ireland, Alethia L.W.
Ireland, John W.P. Ireland, and Hannah W. Ireland.
KE. Petition to sell Margarets Delight, Margarets
End, Chance, Partnership.
Accession No: 17,898-12007. MSA S512-11829  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12012: Joseph Ward, Elizabeth Ward, Lewis
Griffith, Mary Griffith, and Pricilla Dowell vs.
John A. Whittington, Sarah Whittington, Hilliary
Dowell, and Jowell Dowell. CV. Estate of Jacob
Pattison - Stationers Hall.
Accession No: 17,898-12012. MSA S512-11834  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12022: Eliza Watts vs. Richard Tydings and Frances
Rebecca Tydings. AA. Estate of Philip H. Watts -
Hopkins Forebearance.
Accession No: 17,898-12022-1/2. MSA S512-11844  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12023: Elizabeth Williamson, Nancy Williamson,
Edward D. Hobbs, Susan Hobbs, James Henning,
Francis Henning, and John Williamson vs. Isaac
Mayo, Sarah H. Williamson, Rebecca Lane, Margaret
B. Waters, Edward W. Belt, and Sarah Ann Belt. AA.
Estate of James Williamson.
Accession No: 17,898-12023. MSA S512-11845  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12027: Nathan Warfield vs. Joshua Hood, Mary Hood,
John Short, John Randolph Short, George Franklin
Short, and William Short. AA. Estate of William
Short - Hammonds Fourth Connection, Hammonds Fifth
Accession No: 17,898-12027-1/3. MSA S512-11848  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12036: Samuel D. Walker vs. Ebenezer Hubball,
Sarah Hubball, Thomas Winwood, Benjamin Taylor,
and David U. Brown. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on
lot in BC.
Accession No: 17,898-12036. MSA S512-11857  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12037: John T. Wilson, Richard Drury, Susan Drury,
Mary Drury, Eliza Drury, and Ann Maria Drury vs.
James N. Trott, Francis Trott, Richard Trott,
Eliza A. Trott, Samuel Trott, Mary E. Trott, and
David Trott. CV. Petition to sell Birkheads Lot.
Accession No: 17,898-12037. MSA S512-11858  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12038: Clement C. Waters vs. Theresa Todd, Josiah
Todd, John Todd, Thomas J. Todd, William H. Todd,
Uriah Todd, Levin W. Tall, and Samuel Craig. DO.
Estate of Jacob Todd.
Accession No: 17,898-12038-1/2. MSA S512-11859  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12062: Mable Waters vs. William Anderson. PG.
Contract to purchase land.
Accession No: 17,898-12062. MSA S512-11883  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12067: Alfred Warfield vs. Samuel Banks. AA.
Petition to sell Bunkers Hill Fortified. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 155, p. 919.
Accession No: 17,898-12067-1/2. MSA S512-11888  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12079: William Williams vs. Havre de Grace Ferry
Co. HA. Mortgage foreclosure.
Accession No: 17,898-12079. MSA S512-11900  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12093: Levin Wingate, Harriet N. Wingate, and
Whitely Beckwith vs. Job W. Beckwith. DO. Petition
to sell lot in Cambridge. Recorded (Chancery
Record) 151, p. 464.
Accession No: 17,898-12093. MSA S512-11912  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12132: Rachel H. Watkins, Thomas Watkins, and
Benjamin Watkins vs. John Nicholas Watkin and
Nicholas Edwin Watkins. AA. Petition to sell
Accession No: 17,898-12132. MSA S512-11948  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12153: Nathan Warfield and Caroline Warfield vs.
Rezin Hammond, Denton Hammond, and Matthias
Hammond. AA. Estate of Matthias Hammond. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 153, p. 333.
Accession No: 17,898-12153. MSA S512-11969  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12155: Gilbert Wingate and Mary Wingate vs. George
Hart, Emily Dean, and John H. Pritchett. DO.
Petition to sell Wingates Content, Head of Furhum.
Accession No: 17,898-12155. MSA S512-11970  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12166: Joseph Ward vs. Matilda Drury, Mary Ellen
Tillard, Janetta H. Tillard, Richard Estep, and
Henry A. Hall. AA. Title to Barretts.
Accession No: 17,898-12166. MSA S512-11981  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12189: Plummer Waters, Samuel D. Waters, and
Richard Mercer vs. Henry Welch, Warren Welch,
Grafton Holland, Charles Holland, Lemuel Holland,
Philip Holland, Sarah Holland, Ann Holland, Mary
Ann Holland, Edward C. Dorsey, James Welch, Philip
Welch, Walter Welch, and Rezin Welch. BA. Contract
to purchase Warfields Forrest.

Accession No: 17,898-12189. MSA S512-12003  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12259: Adam Waltemeyer vs. Walter Pierpoint. BA.
Contract to purchase Cannons Lot.
Accession No: 17,898-12259. MSA S512-12069  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12285: James H. Warfield vs. James France. BA.
Defraud of creditors of J.W. Hagger.
Accession No: 17,898-12285. MSA S512-12092  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12290: Mable Waters vs. Thomas J. Hall and William
Anderson. PG. Injunction against execution of
Accession No: 17,898-12290. MSA S512-12097  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12372: Elizabeth Williamson, Nancy Williamson,
Susan Hobbs, James Henning, James Williamson, John
Williamson, Francis Henning, and Edward Hobbs vs.
Isaac Mayo, Sarah H. Williamson, Rebecca Lane,
Edward W. Belt, and Margaret Waters. AA. Estate
of James Williamson - hotel in Annapolis.

Accession No: 17,898-12372-1/9. MSA S512-12176  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12382: Nathan Warfield vs. Mary Short, Randolph
Short, George W. Short, and William Short. AA.
Mortgage foreclosure.
Accession No: 17,898-12382. MSA S512-12186  1/39/4/

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
12388: Charles Peter Steven Wante vs. John
Carrere, Edme Ducatel, Peter Chatard, Francis
Messonier, Daniel Messonier of Daniel, Joseph
Messonier, Lewis Messonier, Charlotte Depierre,
Daniel Messonier of John James, and John Gorges
Messonier. BA. Title to land in LA. Recorded
(Chancery Record) 151, p. 480.

Accession No: 17,898-12388. MSA S512-12191  1/39/4/

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