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Source: Edward C. Papenfuse, et al., Archives of Maryland, Historical List,
new series, Vol. 1. Annapolis, MD: Maryland State Archives, 1990.

Entries in bold refer to members of the General Assembly from 1635 to 1789 whose biographies were published in A Biographical Dictionary of the Maryland Legislature, 1635-1789 (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1979-85).

Abbreviations for offices and counties



Salmon Salter Sams Sander Sanders Sandman Sands Sanford Sangston Sanner Santangelo Santoni Sappington Sarbanes Sasscer Satterfield Sauerbrey Saulsbury Saunders Savage Savin Sayers Scaggs Scanlan Scannello Scarboro Scarborough Scarff Schaefer Schaeffer Schafer Schap Scharf Schilling Schimunek Schirano Schirm Schlaffer Schlee Schley Schloeder Schlosser Schmidt Schmincke Schmoke Schmucker Schnebely Schnebly Schneider Scholl Schooley Schueler Schultheis Schultz Schweinhaut Scott Scrimger Scudder Scull Seboda See Seebo Seibert Seidenstricker Seidewitz Seigmund Selby Seling Sellman Semmes Seneca Seney Seth Sewall Seward Sewell Seymour Shaaff Shafer Shakespeare Shallcross Shandrowsky Shane Shannon Shapiro Sharp Sharpe Shartzer Shaw Shawn Shearer Sheckells Sheehan Shehan Shellman Shepherd Sheppard Sher Sherbert Sherbow Sheredine Sheriff Sherman Sherry Sherwood Sheubrooks Shilling Shipley Shockley Shoemaker Shore Short Showacre Showell Shower Showers Shriver Shryock Shuck Shultz Shure Sicklemore Sickles Siegal Siegel Siemek Siewierski Sifford Silk Silver Silverwood Sim Simcoe Simkins Simmons Simpers Simpkins Simpson Singer Singleton Singley Sisk Six Skinner Sklar Slade Slay Sleeman Slemaker Slemmer Slicer Slicher Slingluff Sloan Slothower Sluby Slye Small Smallwood Smelser Smick Smith Smithson Smoot Smyth Snader Sneary Snowden Snyder Sobeloff Sollers Solley Sollins Solomon Somers Somervell Somerville Soper Sosnowski Sothoron Soul Southerland Soypher Spalding Sparklin Sparks Sparrow Spates Spector Spedden Speed Speicher Spellman Spence Spencer Spicer Spitzer Spoerlein Sprague Sprigg Springer Sproesser Spurrier Squier Staab Stack Stagwell Stainton Stake Staley Standish Stanford Stanley Stansbury Stansby Stanton Staplefort Stark Starkey Starr Startt Startzman Staszak Staten Staum Staylor Stearns Steck Steel Steele Steers Steffey Steinberg Steiner Stephen Stephens Stephenson Sterett Sterling Stern Sterns Stettler Steuart Stevens Stevenson Steward Stewart Stieff Stifler Stiles Stinson Stirling Stockbridge Stockdale Stockett Stockley Stoddert Stone Stonebraker Stoner Stonestreet Stoops Storey Storm Stottlemyer Stouffer Stoughton Strange Straughn Straus Strause Strawbridge Street Streett Stricker Strite Stroble Strobridge Stromberg Stromeyer Strong Stuart Stubbs Stull Stump Sturgis Sturman Styll Sudler Suit Sulivane Sullivan Sullivane Summers Sunderland Sutton Swailes Swan Swann Swartz Swearingen Sweeney Sweitzer Swindell Swingle Swingley Swope Sword Sybert Sybray Syester Sykes Sylvester Szamski
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