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Source: Edward C. Papenfuse, et al., Archives of Maryland, Historical List,
new series, Vol. 1. Annapolis, MD: Maryland State Archives, 1990.

Entries in bold refer to members of the General Assembly from 1635 to 1789 whose biographies were published in A Biographical Dictionary of the Maryland Legislature, 1635-1789 (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1979-85).

Abbreviations for offices and counties



MacDonald MacFarlane MacKinnon Maccubbin Mace Macgill Mach Machen Mackall Mackay Mackey Mackie Macklin Mackubin Maclin Macnemara Maddox Maddrix Maddux Madison Madonna Maffit Maffitt Magin Magraw Magruder Maguire Mahle Mahoney Mahool Main Mair Malcolm Malcolm-Rodgers Malkus Mallalieu Malone Maloney Maloy Malster Maltbie Manahan Mandel Manlove Mann Manners Manning Manro Mansell Mantz Marbury Mariartee Marion Markell Markey Markland Markley Marley Marriott Marsh Marshall Martenet Martin Martineau Marvel Mason Mass Massey Massinga Masters Mathews Mathias Matthews Matthias Mattingly Mauldin Maulsby Maund Maurer Maxcy Maxwell May Mayberry Mayer Mayhugh Maynadier Maynard McAleer McAleese McAllister McAuliffe McBlair McBride McBryde McCabe McCaffrey McCardell McCarty McCauley McCeney McClain McClean McCleary McClellan McClester McClure McClurg McColgan McCollister McComas McConnor McCool McCord McCormick McCosker McCourt McCoy McCready McCreery McCulley McCulloch McCullogh McCulloh McCullough McCurdy McCusker McDaniel McDonald McDonough McElderry McElfresh McElgunn McElroy McElwee McFarland McFaul McGarry McGaw McGee McGlone McGonigal McGonigle McGovern McGrath McGraw McGuirk McHale McHenry McIlhenny McInerney McIntire McIntosh McKaig McKay McKeehan McKeldin McKenny McKenrick McKewen McKim McKindless McKinley McKinnell McKinstry McKnett McKnight McLane McLaughlin McLean McLeish McMahon McMaster McMasters McMechen McMillan McMillen McMullen McNabb McNamara McNeal McNeill McNett McNulty McPherson McQuade McSherry McVey McWilliams Meade Mealey Mearns Mechau Meconiken Medairy Medders Medley Mee Meekins Meeres Meginnis Melis Mellen Melnicove Meloy Meluy Melvin Menchine Mencke Menes Mentzer Mercer Meredith Meriwether Merrick Merriken Merrill Merritt Merryman Merryweather Messick Metzerott Metzger Meyer Meyers Mfume Michael Michaels Michel Middlekauf Middleton Miedusiewski Miers Mikulski Milanicz Milano Milbourn Milbourne Milburn Miles Millar Millard Millbourne Miller Milligan Milling Millis Mills Millstone Miltimore Minnick Mish Mitchell Mittag Moale Mobray Moffett Moffit Moffitt Molesworth Molleston Monfred Monmonier Monroe Montague Montfort Montgomery Moon Mooney Moore Moores Morecroft Moreland Morella Morfit Morfoot Morgan Morningstar Morris Morrison Morrisson Morsberger Morse Morsell Mortimer Morton Moser Moses Mosner Moss Mothershead Motter Motz Mountague Mountz Moyer Moylan Mrozinski Mudd Muir Muldowney Mules Mulligan Mulliken Mullikin Mullin Mullinix Munroe Munson Murdock Murphy Murray Murrell Muschamp Muschette Muse Muth Myerly Myers
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