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Source: Edward C. Papenfuse, et al., Archives of Maryland, Historical List,
new series, Vol. 1. Annapolis, MD: Maryland State Archives, 1990.

Entries in bold refer to members of the General Assembly from 1635 to 1789 whose biographies were published in A Biographical Dictionary of the Maryland Legislature, 1635-1789 (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1979-85).

Abbreviations for offices and counties



Cadden Cade Cadwalader Cahan Cain Cairns Calder Caldwell Calhoun Callahan Callan Callas Callis Calvert Cameron Campbell Canby Cannell Cannon Canter Cantrel Cantwell Capper Carberry Carcaud Cardin Carew Carey Carl Carline Carlock Carman Carmichael Carnan Carpenter Carper Carr Carrick Carrico Carroll Carson Carter Carver Carvile Cary Case Cashell Cashmyer Cassady Casson Castle Caswell Cathell Cather Catlin Causin Cauther Cavallaro Cawley Cecil Cellar Cellars Chabot Chaille Chaires Chaisty Chamberlain Chamberlaine Chambers Chandler Chaney Chaplain Chapline Chapman Chappell Charles Chasanow Chase Chasnoff Chauncey Chenoweth Cherigo Cheseldyne Chesley Chester Cheston Chew Chilcoat Child Chilton Ching Chiswell Choate Christie Christison Christopher Cicone Cicoria Civiletti Clabaugh Clagett Claggett Claiborne Clapp Clark Clarke Clarkson Claude Clay Clayton Cleaveland Clements Clemments Clendenin Cleveland Clifford Clift Cline Clinton Close Coad Coady Coale Coblentz Cobourn Coburn Cochran Cochrane Cockey Cockran Codd Coddington Coffin Coffman Coghlan Cohen Cohill Colburn Cole Colegate Coleman Coles Colgan Collier Collins Colston Colton Colvill Colvin Combs Comegys Compton Conaway Conley Conlon Connell Connellee Connelly Conner Connick Connolly Conrad Conroy Constable Contee Conway Coode Cook Cooke Cooksey Coolahan Coolidge Coombs Cooper Copley Copper Corbett Corbin Corbley Corby Corddry Corderman Cordish Corkran Cornthwaite Cornwaleys Corrigan Cosden Cosgrove Coss Costen Coston Cottman Cotton Couch Couden Coudy Coulbourn Coulby Coulter Councell Councilman Counihan Coursey Courtney Courts Cover Covey Covington Cowen Cox Coxe Coyne Crabb Crabbs Cradock Craft Craig Craik Crain Cramer Cramphin Crampton Crane Crapster Craufurd Crawford Creighton Cresap Creswell Crisfield Criswell Critchfield Crockett Cromer Cromwell Cronin Cronise Crooke Crookshanks Cropper Cross Croswell Crothers Crouse Crout Crowe Crowley Crum Culbreth Culler Cullers Cullings Culotta Culver Cumiskey Cumming Cummings Cunningham Curley Curran Currer Currie Curry Curtis Cushing Cushwa Custer Cutshall
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