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Source: Edward C. Papenfuse, et al., Archives of Maryland, Historical List,
new series, Vol. 1. Annapolis, MD: Maryland State Archives, 1990.

Entries in bold refer to members of the General Assembly from 1635 to 1789 whose biographies were published in A Biographical Dictionary of the Maryland Legislature, 1635-1789 (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1979-85).

Abbreviations for offices and counties



Bachman Backman Bacon Badcock Baer Baesman Bagley Baile Bailey Baillie Bainum Baird Baker Balch Bald Balderston Baldridge Baldwin Ballard Bambacus Bamberger Bamford Banckes Bandiere Bankard Bankert Banks Banning Bannon Bantz Barbee Barber Bard Bardroff Bargar Barker Barnard Barnes Barney Barnitz Barnsley Barranger Barrette Barrick Barroll Barron Barry Bartell Bartenfelder Bartlett Bartol Barton Bartos Barwick Basilone Bast Bateman Bathurst Batson Batterton Bauer Baugher Baughman Bauman Baumann Baumgardner Bawsell Baxter Bayard Bayless Bayley Bayly Bayne Baynes Beacham Beachley Beachy Beake Beale Bealefeld Beall Beam Beard Beasley Beasman Beatty Beauchamp Beck Beckenbaugh Becker Beckett Beckler Beckwith Bedsworth Beeks Behounek Beierfeld Bell Bellis Belt Benjamin Benner Bennett Benson Bentley Bently Benton Berkemeier Berkson Berman Bernstein Berret Berry Bertier Bertorelli Besore Besson Betts Betz Beuchelt Bevan Bevans Bevard Bians Biays Biddison Biddle Bienen Bier Bigger Biggs Biles Billings Billingslea Billingsley Billingsly Binder Bingham Birckhead Bird Birkefeld Birmingham Birnie Biser Bishop Bittinger Bittner Bixler Black Blackiston Blackistone Blackwell Bladen Blades Blair Blake Blakeney Blakiston Blakistone Blanckenstein Bland Blanford Blay Blocher Blondes Bloom Blount Blum Blumenthal Blunt Boarman Boblitz Bobo Boergers Boerstler Boggs Bogley Boileau Bolden Bollinger Bolton Bomberger Bonaparte Bond Bonifant Bonnet Bonnett Bonvegna Boon Boone Booth Boothby Booze Boozer Bordley Boreman Borom Boschert Bosley Bosse Bossle Boston Boswell Bosz Boteler Bothe Bouchell Bouchelle Boucher Bouchet Boughton Bouic Boulden Bouldin Bourke Bourne Bouse Bowdle Bowen Bowers Bowie Bowles Bowley Bowling Bowlus Bowman Boyce Boyd Boyer Boyle Boyles Bozick Bozman Bracco Brace Braddock Bradford Bradley Bradnox Bradshaw Brady Brailey Brainthwaite Bramble Bramwell Brand Brandler Brandt Brandy Brannock Brantly Brashears Brattan Bratton Bravard Brawner Bray Brazier Breckenridge Breckinridge Breeding Brengle Brennan Brenneman Brent Bresler Bretton Brevard Brewer Brewington Brewster Brice Brickley Bridwell Bright Brimer Brindle Brining Brinkley Brinsfield Briscoe Broadwater Brockmeyer Broderick Brodwater Broening Brogden Brohawn Brome Bromwell Brooke Brookes Brookhart Brooks Broome Brother Broughan Broughe Broumel Brown Browne Browning Brownley Brubaker Bruce Bruff Brumbaugh Brundage Brune Brunier Bruno Brust Bryan Bryant Brydon Bryson Buchanan Buck Buckel Buckey Buckheimer Buckler Buckman Buffington Buhrman Bullen Bullock Bumgarner Burch Burche Burchenal Burchinal Burdette Burford Burgess Burke Burkhart Burkhead Burkheimer Burkins Burkley Burlage Burle Burns Burr Burroughs Burt Burton Busch Buscher Bush Bushey Bushong Buskirk Bussard Bussey Bustard Busteed Buswell Butcher Butler Butts Buzzell Bye Byer Byers Byrd Byrn Byrnes Byron Byus
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