The Maryland Commission on Artistic Property

Matthew P. Lalumia, Esq., Chair
Catherine Rogers Arthur, Senior Curator, Director
Christopher J. Kintzel, Associate Curator, Collections Manager

The Maryland Commission on Artistic Property, which oversees the administration of the state art collections, consists of fifteen members, seven of whom are ex officio institutional members and eight of whom are public members. Ex-officio members of the Commission are the directors of the following Maryland cultural institutions:  The Academy Art Museum, The Baltimore Museum of Art, The Maryland Historical Society, , The Peabody Institute, The Walters Art Museum, and the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, as well as the president of the Maryland Institute College of Art.

In 1969, the Commission on Artistic Property was formed (Chapter 111, Acts of 1969). It was incorporated into the State Archives in 1984 (Chapter 286, Acts of 1984). With the Governor's approval, the State Archivist names the chair and the public members (Code State Government Article, secs. 9-1016 through 9-1023).

With the approval of the Governor and the State Archivist, the Commission may receive and accept gifts and loans of paintings and decorative art works. With the approval of the Governor, the State Archivist may accept gifts of money for the Commission from any source, public or private, and thereafter administer and expend the funds according to the conditions and terms of the gift. In 1996, the Commission, on behalf of the State, accepted the art collection of the Peabody Institute.

Mission Statement                

The mission of the Maryland Commission on Artistic Property is to serve the public as the official custodian of the state owned art collection, as well as fine and decorative arts owned by or loaned to the State. The collection is comprised of those works of art and decorative objects that document the history of Maryland through subject, maker, or provenance. The goal of the Commission is to make the collection accessible to the public through preservation, conservation, display and interpretation. The Commission approves acquisitions to the collection through donation, public commission, or transfer from other state agencies. The Commission was incorporated into the Maryland State Archives in 1984 (Chapter 286, Maryland Acts of 1984).

Ex officio members:

Julia Marciari-Alexander
    Director, The Walters Art Museum
Christopher Bedford
    Director, The Baltimore Museum of Art
Fred Bronstein

    Dean, The Peabody Institute
Sammy Hoi
    President, Maryland Institute College of Art
Rebecca Massie Lane
    Director, Washington County Museum of Fine Arts
Mark Letzer,

   Executive Director, The Maryland Historical Society
Ben Simons
    Director, Academy Art Museum

Public members: Appointed by the State Archivist with the approval of the Governor:

Chairman: Matthew P. Lalumia, Esq.
    Baltimore, MD
Philip Cantelon
    CEO, History Associates, Inc.
Alan Fern, Ph.D.
    Former Director of the National Portrait Gallery
Sasha Lourie,
Associate Curator, Office of Senate Curator, U.S. Capitol
Julie Madden
  Former Board Member, Maryland Citizens for the Arts
Susan Perrin
    Susan Perrin Art Consulting 
Joseph Ruzicka
Department of the Treasury