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The Maryland State Archives
July 12, 1999
Vol., 13 No. 13
syphilis at Tuskegee, birth control, emergency care, and plastic surgery. One student was even brave enough to tackle the history of medicine and civilization. 

Transportation projects included bridges, canals, roads, planes, helicopters, railroads, tunnels, cars, and streetcars. More specifically students examined the historical significance of the Tappen Zee Bridge, Takoma Narrows Bridge, Erie Canal, Panama Canal, Wright brothers, good roads movement in Illinois, and railroad technology and the adoption of standard time zones. One student produced a documentary on the Stanley Steamer, which concentrated on the history of its development
and its popularity during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She obtained documentation from the Stanley Steamer museum in Kingfield, ME, talked to descendants of the Stanley brothers and restorers, and even drove one of the cars. 

Atomic and nuclear energy topics concerned mostly the development of the atomic bomb. One student looked at the impact of the bomb on the war itself and later cold war developments, but her main emphasis lay on the moral dilemma for Robert Oppenheimer, the director of the Manhattan Project. A Maryland student from Calvert County produced an impressive documentary about Enrico Fermi who supervised a series of experiments that culminated in construction of the CP-1 Pile, the
first controlled self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction. This momentous event took place in a squash court under the  west stands of Stagg Field at the University of Chicago on December 2, 1942. The only visual depiction of this successful experiment exists on a painting. The 

The Archivists' Bulldog
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The Archivists' Bulldog 
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     (Divorce Decrees) 1910-1994 [MSA T3012] 
     (Docket) 1951-1958 [MSA T2241] 
     (Election Returns) 1970-1992 [MSA T3017] 
     (Equity Docket, Index) 1977-1983 
           [MSA T3023]
     (Factor Lien Record) 1958-1974 [MSA T3032] 
     (Financing Record) 1974-1994 [MSA T3011] 
     (Financing Record, Index) 1964-1976 
           [MSA T3018] 
     (Homeowners Association Record) 1993-1994 
           [MSA T3013] 
     (Judgment Record) 1836-1974 [MSA T3020] 
     (Judgment Record, Index) 1976-1983 
           [MSA T3024] 
     (Land Commissions, Photostats) 1817-1884 
           [MSA T3004] 
     (Land Records, Grantee Index) 1969-1980 
           [MSA T2304] 
     (Land Records, Grantor Index) 1969-1980 
           [MSA T2305] 
     (Land Records, Photostats) 1777-1994 
           [MSA T3002] 
     (Ledger) 1932-1991 [MSA T3028] 
     (License Record) 1970-1980 [MSA T3021] 
     (Liquor License Record) 1981-1992 
           [MSA T3033] 
     (Marriage Application Record) 1976-1978 
           [MSA T3019] 
     (Marriage License Waivers) 1943-1956 
           [MSA T3031] 
      (Mechanics Lien Record) 1953-1976
           [MSA T3030] 
     (Metropolitan Commission Record) 1992-1994
           [MSA T3008] 
     (Military Discharges) 1944-1994 [MSA T3007] 
     (Miscellaneous Papers) var. d. [MSA T3001] 
     (Mortgage Records, Photostats) 1923-1977 
           [MSA T3003] 
     (Mortgage Tax Record) 1896-1910 
           [MSA T2240] 
     (Physicians and Surgeons Register) 1894-1972
           [MSA T3029] 
     (Plat Book) 1949-1980  [MSA T3035] 
     (Plat Book, State Roads) var. d. [MSA T3025] 
     (Plats) var. d. [MSA T3036] 
     (Resolutions, County) 1967-1994 [MSA T3006] 
     (Sale Notice Requests) 1992-1994 [MSA T3010] 
     (Stet Docket) 1918-1966 [MSA T3034] 

by Robert Barnes 

Baltimore City Superior Court (Voter Registration Appeal Papers) 1899-1901 [MSA C2102] contains petitions from individuals who felt that certain names should be removed from the voter registration records. A petition of J. Fred Waltenmeyer stated that Richard J. Allen, living in the 5th precinct in the 1st ward, had been convicted of larceny, and thus ineligible to vote. A hearing was scheduled, but the final disposition of the case was not shown. 

Other grounds cited for the removal of names from voter rolls included registration in two precincts, residence in Maryland for less than one year, incomplete signature, and failure to 

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file a transfer from another jurisdiction. Although these records contain insights into the lives of a limited number of people, they should not be overlooked. 

Other voter registration appeal records include Baltimore City Court [MSA T566] 1900-1932 and [MSA T540] 1911-1932, Prince George's County Circuit Court [MSA C1290] 1891, and Talbot County Circuit Court [MSA T1983] 1903-1932. 

Photo of Johnna Curtis, Archival Assistant, pulling records from the stacks, from an article appearing in The Sun on Sunday, June 27, 1999:  Researching roots of the family tree.